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Survival starts on your doorstep

Survival fans will be delighted. Many people who live in the city have no real need at all for survival equipment. However, they see survival programmes on the television and long to be in the wilderness. They want to be out and about on discovery trips using survival tools. Whether hiking in the nearby forest or on an active holiday, with Gerber survival tools, everyone can feel like a bit of a hero.

Gerber developed the Survival range in collaboration with survival experts Bear Grylls. The result is a range of knives and multi-tools that are suitable for virtually everyone, from scouts on their first camp to adventurers exploring the wilds.

Preparing and dressing salads

The compact BG Greenhorn multi-tool is perfect for survival use in the city, it is super handy and clearly focused on functionality. It has seven easy-access tools: a large fine edge blade with blunt tip and large handle, a cross-head screwdriver, a rugged can opener, a screwdriver with a combined bottle opener. Tweezers and a toothpick are integrated into the handle.

For those looking for a robust pocket knife, the BG Folding Sheath Knife is just right. The folding knife comes with a finely honed Drop Point blade with a black ceramic coating. The blades are latched securely inside the handle using a lock jaw mechanism and can be quickly opened by pressing the button on the side. The ergonomic handle with deep finger grooves is coated with Tac Hide rubber so it sits securely in your hand and is not slippery to hold – even in wet conditions. The knife comes with a rugged, lightweight nylon cover which can be fastened horizontally or vertically.

In short, survival type challenges in the city are not easy to come by, but they do exist. The BG Greenhorn tool is ideal for carrying out minor repairs, such as for fixing screws on garden furniture and the BG Folding Sheath Knife can be used for light woodwork and even for food preparation if need be.


More information and tools at www.gerbergear.com.


Source: PROJECTS Martina Kink