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Trends in nutrition: new ideas for quick snacks

Are apples still apples and tomatoes still tomatoes? Well, they’re certainly not the same as they used to be.


Today cherry tomatoes in small packs sell for twice or three times as much as “normal” tomatoes. And these snack tomatoes are not only smaller, they also tend to be much sweeter.

Strawberries that taste like chewing gum?

Not at the moment, but it looks as if we’re on the way there. That was some of the news from the big Fruit Logistica trade fair in Berlin. David Cueberth, for example, from the Scottish soft fruit experts, Angus Soft Fruits, explained that the Scots have developed four new types of strawberry with longer shelf lives, new textures on the tongue and new flavours. One of the flavours is slightly reminiscent of chewing gum and it is apparently popular with customers. Cueberth believes that growers must find new choices outside the mainstream.

Yellow apples for the south; red for the north

Then there’s the Yello apple, developed and cultivated in Japan. Michael Grasser, an apple grower from South Tyrol, was at the Fruit Logistica promoting these apples. Yello is a crisp, juicy, bright yellow apple. Yellow apples are popular in the Mediterranean region; for consumers north of the Alps, by contrast, growers developed red and streaky apples. Yello apples with their vivid golden colour and light-coloured flesh are eye-catching and they’re grown in South Tyrol. They’re marketed by the Association of South Tyrolean Fruit Growers’ Cooperatives (VOG) and their spokesperson Kurt Ratschiller explained how the name “Yello“ and the logo with letters reminiscent of Japanese characters were chosen to create a powerful image for this new apple.

Packaging to go

Another factor in the success of fruit marketing is the progress that has been made in packaging design. Gilad Sadan from Australia is director of N.A.V.I. Co Global and a product consultant and a specialist in fresh food packaging. He says that especially packaging for “to go” foods demands new and innovative designs. For example, berries and other fruity snacks are now sold in cups that consumers can open with their thumb. The cups are resealable and fit into car cupholders. This ensures fruit and vegetable snacks fit more readily into people’s everyday lives. A range of finger foods in all types of packaging fill metres of store shelves in many countries and customer take up is strong. Most popular is environmentally friendly cardboard packaging, sometimes enhanced with a shaped plastic lid. As part of the relaunched Fresh Produce Forum at the Fruit Logistica, Sadan showed packaging that could – after use – be refolded into a puzzle or a card house for children to play with.


Source: Roland Krieg, www.bzfe.de