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Even mushroom dishes can be reheated
without worrying

Myths about what foods you can and can’t reheat are persistent. You can still hear things like “Warmed up mushrooms are poisonous” or “Reheated spinach causes cancer.” But, in fact, properly stored and cooked leftover food can be safely served up a second time. Reheating food saves time and it’s practical – once you’ve overcome your worries about food poisoning.

It’s true that mushrooms go off quickly – because of their high water content. But ever since we’ve had reliable fridges, it’s been possible to keep mushrooms (cooked or uncooked) up to two days in your fridge. You can certainly reheat any mushroom dish, whether it contains mushrooms, chanterelles or wild mushrooms, but you do need to remember a couple of basic rules.

  •  Cool mushroom dishes as quickly as possible after cooking.

  • Keep them in your fridge at 2 °C to 4 °C (on the bottom glass shelf).

  • When reheating leftovers, make sure the temperature reaches at least 70 °C right through the food.

Don’t throw leftover spinach and meat away

Of course you can reheat spinach! Cool it after cooking and put it straight into the fridge. Bacteria don’t multiply in low temperatures and toxic nitrite can’t form – this was what our grandmothers were afraid of. They didn’t have fridges and they tended to store leftovers for instance on the steps down to the cellar where it was far too warm.

Worries about reheating fish and meat also come from the centuries before the invention of the refrigerator. With its high water and protein content, fish too can go bad quickly. But if you cool a cooked fish dish quickly, cover it and put it into the fridge, you can certainly put it on the table a second time. The best place in your fridge for fish is on the bottom glass shelf, the one above the vegetable drawer, where it’s coolest. Cooked dishes like spinach and fish can be kept here in a closed container at a maximum temperature of 2 – 4 °C for at most two days. When you reheat them, make sure every bit of the food is heated right through to at least 70 °C.

5 rules for reheating leftovers

If you stick to these basic rules you’ll be able to safely reheat leftover cooked food:

  • Let leftovers cool down and then put them into the fridge right away.

  • Always cover leftover food in your fridge or store it in containers with lids.

  • Follow the cooling and chilling recommendations on the food packaging.

  • When you’re reheating food make quite sure every part of the leftover food is heated right through for at least two minutes.

  • Clean out your fridge regularly.

Source: Zu gut für die Tonne!