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Family-friendly household products that are
gentle with people and the environment

Less is more especially when the issue is colorants and fragrances in household cleaners and detergents. Chemicals can be transferred to our bodies from freshly laundered clothing or residues can be left on crockery and cutlery after dishwashing. Of course there are many people who like their laundry to be perfumed and who don’t suffer any ill-effects from it. But the chemicals can pose problems for people with allergies or with very sensitive skin. 

Ecover, the producer of environmentally-friendly household products like laundry liquids and household cleaners has worked with the Allergy Centre at Berlin’s Charité Hospital to develop the ZERO product line. ZERO is a range of laundry liquid, washing powder, fabric softener and washing up liquid which are free of colorants and fragrances. It is the only product range recommended by DAAB (the German Allergy and Asthma Federation) and ECARF (the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation) and certified by both. This means all Ecover ZERO products are suitable for people with allergies and sensitive skins and for babies. People can develop allergies at any stage of their lives and to almost any substance. Specialists have already identified over 20,000 allergens. Around 20 million Germans are allergic to something and the numbers are increasing.

With its ZERO product range, Ecover has produced a complete homecare range which is free of substances with high allergic potential and fragrance- and colorant-free. The ZERO product family includes a fabric softener, a laundry liquid, a universal washing powder, a colour washing powder and a dishwashing liquid. All the products have been clinically tested for allergic risk and having passed the tests, they bear the DAABand ECARF certification marks. Like all Ecover products, the ZERO product family is based on plant and mineral substances which are, except for the natural minerals, biologically degradable. Moreover, the bottles used for the liquid products are made from sugarcane, a renewable raw material. By using this material Ecover saves around 2,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.

More information about the product range: www.ecover.com