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april 09, 2013
april 14, 2013

(22 marzo)

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Articles - Fuorisalone:

Cesar’s flagship store in Via Larga 23 will be one of the hot spots of the 2013 Fuorisalone
Rediscovered traditions and technologies that span the past, present and future; shapes and
A selection to make available and communicate the work of one of the Masters and at the same time
Veneta Cucine is proud to present its new Headquarters in Milan. More than just a showroom ...
Team7 , the Austrian company leader in Europe in the production of furniture and accessories in



Give emotion with  technology, materials research, a model of sustainable living: Aster tells to the public of Fuori Salone in the new concept of HOME SPA DESIGN, where the brand is the main partnerof the event and protagonist for the kitchen.


The theme GOOD EMOTION is the inspiration of  the new edition of one of the most awaited events during the Design week, Aster becomes the leading actor of the exhibition dedicated to emotional design, the result of innovative design and environmentally sustainable. New models of living, take shape in five installations realized by important Italian architects and designers: Fabrizio Batoni, Philip Cannata, Marco Piva, Massimo Roj and Toti Semerano. 


In the exhibition, two different moods signed by Aster cucine for two different locations. Noblesse, designed by Lorenzo Granocchia and presented in solid chestnut version, it perfectly sums up the atmosphere of the "Inner Garden" of Toti Semerano. Noblesse embodies the icon of a lifestyle conscious, careful choice of materials and their life cycle, and at the same time becomes the symbol of natural beauty, a taste for the authentic, artisan, perfectly fused with the technological and functional contemporary design. 


Energy of colors and ideas with a high emotional impact for the Kitchen Collection Enrico Coveri Living, star of the "+ or - lounge", the installation designed by Fabrizio Batoni.


The vitality and dynamism of original prints takes shape in the new version of the texture "Zebra", a preview of 2013 exclusively for the public at the Fuori Salone. The emotional design marries the expressive codes of fashion: the combination of the two italian brands, Aster and Enrico Coveri, confirms the success of the made in Italy able to decline the most current criteria of environmental sustainability with style, and the 'elegance that make it unique in the world. Place of conviviality and multi-sensory perceptions, the kitchen is the heart of everyday life, and around it, other rooms of the house take place.


It is here that the taste reconciles man with the earth.

This is where they source all the emotions.

All the emotions rise in this place. 



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