Energetic Energies

by Akihisa Hirata

INTERNI | Hybrid
Architecture & Design


Date: 8-14 aprile 2013


Location: Università degli Studi di Milano – portico di Largo Richini
Via Festa del Perdono, 7 - Milano

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“The interest in the potential of natural energy, first of all the solar energy, is increasing worldwide and it is changing the face of our cities as well as almost every aspects of our lives. The choice of devices that generate electric energy must be done also considering the way they will be integrated in different urban contexts and how they will shape our future lives?

I imagined that the cities of tomorrow make full use of natural energy, a stimulating habitat, harmoniously integrated with the nature that surrounds it. How it looks like a city with hills covered by solar panels that seems leaves animated by the chirping of birds and breeze? I wanted present a new vision of the city, a future energetic park with panels in miniature.”

Akihisa Hirata

The attention to the environment and the idea of new dialectic between nature and cities is central in the work of the young and versatile Japanese architect Akihisa Hirata , that with these words he introduces Energetic Energies, the installation will be presented by Panasonic at the next Fuorisalone.

Faced with environmental issues or the conception of nature and human society as irreconcilable opposites, Panasoni proposes – as a part of the exhibition Hybrid architecture & Design at the University Statale di Milano – a different perspective covering our cities as part of the planet and the universe.

The installation of Akihisa Hirata, hosted under the ”Il Portico di Largo Richini“ at the University, wants transpose in a poetic and conceptual way, a new vision in which men and spaces merge to create a sustainable and organic reality: an enchanted city where the roof of the buildings and houses are covered by solar panels in miniature, like ivy vines, mingle with nature without interruption.

This project, visionary and amazing, wakes up  sense of wonder to address actual and urgent  themes such as the reduction of environmental impact, the survival of the planet and the research of solutions which help to the gradual improvement of the life. By merging together ecology and romance, the architect wants to illustrate the aim of Panasonic since from years focuses  its research and its technological development in the name of sustainable living and a systems based on the creation , preservation and rational use of renewable energy. This innovative system can be applied not only in homes, offices, shops, but to the entire cities  with the aim to create a “sustainable and intelligent cities”.

The company tries to demonstrate how a new energetic scenario, in which the creation of energy (through solar panels), the storage of energy (through energy storage batteries), energy saving (through LED), and the energy management can lead to a new form of urban landscape.

It is a model in full harmony with green revolution promoted since years by Panasonic, where you can see a deeper thought on the existence and a philosophical vision which promotes the idea of a common well-being, pervaded with a dynamic and life energy, where an organic and better civilization will benefit from spaces inspired by the principles of nature.