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april 9-14
10 am – 9 pm

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A ductile material that combines natural beauty with excellent technical properties, copper now assumes a front-stage role in design thanks to the vision of KME, a pan-European industrial group that is among the world’s main suppliers of copper and copper alloys semi-finished products. With over a century of experience in the global market for copper and copper alloy products, KME has given new life to this precious metal, enhancing its use in interior decoration and design in recent years.

This successful journey started in 2011 with the launch of KME Design, a collection of copper and copper-alloy surfaces reinterpreted in a novel series of textures and forms, and presented in an evocative exhibition authored by Ferruccio Laviani.  KME’s presence in the world of architecture and interior design was strengthened in 2012 with the inauguration of a new showroom in the heart of Milan and the creation of objects by three well-known designers: Francesco Rota, Nendo, and Front. KME will continue to promote the full potential of copper at the upcoming FuoriSalone 2103 with the new KME Plus® range of antimicrobial alloys, tested for the occasion in an interior design project by  Christophe Pillet and products by Elica, Rino Greggio Argenterie and Zanetto Argenti.  
As the first European producer of semi-finished copper products to obtain the license to use the trademark “Antimicrobial Copper” and the “CU+” logo, KME Group has recently launched KME Plus®, a new range of copper and copper alloys with antimicrobial properties proven through extensive scientific evidence. Ever strongly committed to environmental and health issues, the Group has combined its profound experience of copper metallurgy and the manufacturing process with constant research and development to create this new offer of copper alloys, which are able to eliminate bacteria on the surface within 2 hours of exposure. KME Plus® is a range composed by five families of copper alloys that are classified according to their colors: “shiny ruby” comprises the alloys with the classic red-copper color; “bright gold” identifies the golden yellow alloys, whereas “cool silver”, “crystal silver” and “warm silver” are the families of alloys with different hues of grey, from the coolest tone of the pearl grey, to a crystal icy-grey one, to the warmest shades of pink-grey. KME Plus® alloys can be supplied in practically all the KME standard shapes for semi-finished products (strips, sheets, discs, rods, tubes and ingots). The variety of colors, formats and finishes offered by KME Plus® alloys make it possible for architects and interior designers to create contact and interior surfaces in hospitals, schools and other spaces while getting the greatest benefit from the important antimicrobial properties of copper.

This is the collection of materials offered to Christophe Pillet, Elica, Rino Greggio Argenterie and Zanetto Argenti, who were called upon, respectively, to explore the uses of this new family of KME alloys in an interior design project, kitchen hoods and objects traditionally crafted in silver.

The first product to make its debut is the Copper-Frame table by Christophe Pillet, renowned French designer who collaborates with the world’s most prestigious design firms and is also active in the architectural design of luxury hotels and shops. The keywords in Pillet’s new object are simplicity, elegance, order, luminosity, fine quality design, and richness of detail. KME Plus® “shiny ruby” sheets are crafted into macro-textured elements of design, defining the decorative pattern of the tabletop supported on a copper-rod structure. It is an object that exalts its details and openly declares its unmistakable materiality.  

The setting for the exhibition is the KME showroom on Via Francesco Sforza 2, which has been redesigned with KME Plus® surfaces, creating precious three-dimensional configurations of rare elegance.

Welcome to the Copper Age...