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In April, the Judas tree is a cloud of pink blossom. You can't help noticing it, because the
Young pulmonaria flowers are bright pink. After a few days they turn violet and then vivid blue.
Hazel catkins are worth close inspection, although, if you suffer from pollen allergies, you might
Hamamelis blossom appears in winter, the flowers are delicate bunches of gold or red strands. They
Many members of the Cucurbitaceae family – which includes courgette, pumpkin and cucumber –

A splash of vivid colour for dark winter days

Winter jasmine, as its name implies, flowers in mid-winter – not because of climate change or weather freaks, but because that's what it does. In summer it's green and leafy and sends out long branches. In winter these branches are covered with bright yellow, starlike flowers. A sharp frost might kill some of the flowers, but lots more will appear as soon as the temperature rises above zero.

A joyous sight for old and young

Children and adults enjoy this burst of sunshine yellow flowers in an otherwise grey mod-winter surroundings. If you pick unopened twigs in November and put them in a vase inside, the buds will quickly open up and if the room is not too hot, they'll last two to three weeks. If you look closely at the stalks, you'll see they have a rectangular cross-section instead of the normal round shape. Winter jasmine has no thorns and its not poisonous, so there's nothing to mar your pleasure.

Hiding ugly bits of buildings

Winter jasmine is a great plant for concealing dull or ugly walls. It's a scrambling plant, so all it needs is some kind of trellis or a few hooks and wires and up it will go. propos. Or you can plant it above an ugly wall and in no time the long shoots will be hanging gracefully down and hiding the ugly grey concrete – in summer with a flush of green leaves and in winter with its starry yellow flowers.

Source: Anne Staeves, www.aid.de