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There are many good reasons for implementing a well organised system of stock-keeping in your own home, the most important being: you will save lots of money!


So it is worth putting a bit of thought into creating a method of centralised stock-keeping that works for you. After all, if you store your food centrally in one part of the kitchen – in a spacious pull-out larder, for instance – you will have a much better overview of all the food you have in stock than if you stored it in various different places. As a result you will buy far fewer foods that you already have in your cupboard and will not even be used. If you have enough room in your pantry, you will be able to make full use of reasonably priced special offers on both seasonal and regional products too. By stocking up on and storing food, you can benefit from the variety that regional foods have to offer even outside of their particular season, so you do not have to fall back on products from overseas – good news for the environment. But the greatest savings come from throwing much less food away. This is because a method of targeted and centralised stock-keeping makes it much easier to see how much you have left of certain foods and when something is running out. A little planning and systematic shopping are all it takes for everyone to drastically lower their food bills.

But there are yet more reasons why stock-keeping is a good idea. For example, it can essentially give you the gift of time: cook once and freeze what you make, then you can eat on several occasions with minimum preparation time. Freezing your own dishes makes it easy to create the right sized portions, plus cooking can be a wonderfully creative hobby which also means you can be absolutely sure what has gone into your meals. If you practise stock-keeping you will remain unaffected by price fluctuations and shop opening hours, but also from unforeseeable events such as power failures, heavy snow, floods, etc.

Comprehensive stock-keeping will enable you to minimise the frequency of your shopping trips too. So with a bit of planning you will no longer have to do a weekly shop; with the exception of a few fresh items you will only need to replenish your supplies every 14 days or even more. And if you have visitors at short notice, you will always be prepared to offer them a bite to eat, thus saving you a great deal of stress.

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