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Are you planning on buying
a new kitchen?

Then you schould bear the
following points in mind:

Kitchen Layouts

The layout you decide on
will always depend on the
space you have available. more...

DINK: double income, no kids
2-person household
30+ or middle-aged

Couples without children usually don’t keep a big stock of groceries, however they have enough disposable income to afford a high-end kitchen.

  • DINK (double income, no kids)
  • High income
  • Hobby cooks
  • Focus on healthy eating
  • Sometimes cook with friends
  • Kitchen is used sporadically but then intensively
  • Positive attitude to comfort and user-friendliness
  • Tidiness and cleanliness important
  • Style-conscious
  • Love coffee
  • Live in a flat (rented or owned)

Other typical characteristics of the DINK storage type are:

  • Relatively small stock of groceries, not many fresh products apart from onions
  • A lot of health-oriented foodstuffs
  • Shop sporadically as required
  • Seldom bake

Although only small stock of groceries is kept, these are often luxury, lifestyle-oriented foods

The perfect storage fitting for DINKs is the Convoy Highboard. It’s a good size for relatively small stocks of groceries and it meets the highest optical and quality expectations

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