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Are you planning on buying
a new kitchen?

Then you schould bear the
following points in mind:

The small family
Family of 4
Parents 40+

The average German family has 1-2 children. Many fit this typical profile:

  • Two children (schoolgoing age/teenagers)
  • Middle income
  • Hobby cooks
  • Focus on healthy eating
  • Keep pets
  • High expectations
  • Enjoy a level of comfort/user-friendliness that they may not have had before
  • Want to treat themselves to a high quality kitchen
  • Home owners

In contrast to young families with babies, families with older children often have more time for cooking and healthy eating. These are some other factors that influence the food storage behaviour of small families:

  • Average need to stock up on food and storage capacity
  • Cook and bake frequently
  • Use a lot of fresh products
  • Set high criteria for kitchen equipment and design

The perfect solution for this group of families is a Dispensa – an efficient way to store a lot of groceries, with a perfect overview, and taking up very little floor space.

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