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Mature couple
2 person household

Couples at this stage of their lives, usually with established careers and children who have left home, usually enjoy more freedom and more disposable income than before. These are some other circumstances typical of this kind of couple:

  • High income
  • Established
  • High expectations
  • Conservative
  • Children have left home
  • Oriented to enjoying life
  • Eat out often
  • Kitchen is status symbol
  • Technology fans
  • Positive attitude to innovations
  • Willing to experiment
  • Love coffee
  • Home owners

These are the main factors that influence food storage preferences for established couples::

  • Set high criteria for kitchen equipment and design
  • Average storage space requirements
  • Many stored foods with longer use-by dates
  • Store gourmet-type preserved foods

The optimal storage unit for this type of 2-person household is a Tandem – it provides the equivalent of two storage cupboards behind just one door, with a perfect overview of all the contents and everything within easy reach.

TANDEM from Kesseböhmer

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