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Senior citizens
2-person household

Retired couples often have special requirements for the design of their kitchens and how they store food. They may not be as mobile as they used to be or have the opportunity or energy to do a big shop. In consequence, it’s very important indeed that their food storage is well-organised, easily accessible and adapted to their special requirements. Here are some of the circumstances that could be typical of a retired couple:

  • Middle income
  • Physical problems (back problems, loss of muscle strength)
  • Home-centric
  • Settled
  • Like to keep up traditions
  • Eat a lot of cold foods
  • Prepare food and cook regularly
  • Comfort is important
  • Easy access to and handling stored items very important
  • Own their house or flat

The following factors typically influence senior citizen couples food storage behaviour:

  • A lot of tinned and bottled items
  • Regular, carefully planned shopping trips
  • Want kitchen design and equipment suitable for their special needs
  • Use the kitchen every day

This type of user would benefit from a Dispensa Swing. This storage fitting offers adequate storage capacity, and great flexibility. Access to contents is easy because once a Dispensa Swing is pulled fully out, it can be swivelled 90° around its own axis. Users have a clear view of all the contents and easy access without having to bend down. It’s ideal for people who aren’t as mobile as they used to be.

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