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The single woman / The single man
1-person household
Late 20s to 30s

Even people who live alone need to keep at least a small stock of food, so that they can cook a meal spontaneously and also to reduce time spent on shopping. Here are some typical life situations of an average single person:

  • Middle income
  • Enjoys recreational activities
  • A lot of convenience food
  • Knows very little about comfort options for the kitchen
  • “Middle class”
  • Friends are important
  • Doesn’t spend much time in the kitchen.
  • Often only to make breakfast
  • Lives in a flat

Typical shopping and storage behaviour of single households:

  • Frequent spontaneous buys
  • Very few stored foodstuffs, because not very good at planning
  • Needs comparatively little storage space
  • Almost entirely ready meals

A 1-person household will find that a small storage unit, such as a 30-cm wide base unit, is the best food storage solution. Its different trays can be chosen and configured to exactly suit the changing requirements of this storage type. This unit is the perfect storage unit for a single man/single woman.

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