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Are you planning on buying
a new kitchen?

Then you schould bear the
following points in mind:

Fruit for children

How to make fruit attractive
to kids.

The small family with a baby
3-person household

With the birth of the first child, everything suddenly centres around the new arrival. And this includes food storage. These are some of the characteristics of young parents:

  • One small child and planning a second
  • Low income
  • Stock up
  • Convenience food
  • First “proper” kitchen
  • Short of time, so kitchen must be efficient
  • No frills kitchen
  • Function is important
  • Focus is on children
  • Kitchen is often part of the investment in first house

Typical factors in storage behaviour of a young family with small children are:

  • Above-average stocks of groceries with varying emphases
  • Need ready access to a lot of non-food baby paraphernalia
  • High share of convenience food
  • Practicality plays a big role in choice of kitchen design and equipment

The perfect storage unit for a young family is a Dispensa. It is the optimal size and fits most budgets.

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