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The packaging in which food is stored has a significant impact on its ability to maintain its quality. Therefore, packaging should be selected in such a way that good order and optimum use of storage space can be achieved.

Neglecting to package food, or using inappropriate packaging, can have an adverse effect on the food’s quality, leading to freezer burn or pest infestation, for example.


The best way for you to keep a check on your supplies is to take food out of its original packaging and put it into transparent storage containers such as those made by Tupperware. These fulfil the basic prerequisites that storage containers must meet when it comes to organising your food: they must close tightly and be stackable (in the interests of optimum use of space), they must be as tear-proof and shatter-proof as possible, and they must not affect the taste of their contents.

You should also cut the best before date out of the original packaging and stick it onto the container with tape; Tupperware offers a label dispenser to help with this task. However, not only the best before date belongs on the container, but also a label stating the type of food being stored, the date and the quantity, for example, “Chilli con carne, 01/02/2010, 3 portions”. This is particularly useful for frozen goods, as it can be difficult to identify the contents of containers once they have been frozen. But it also makes good sense to use a label for dry foods, to ensure you retain a clear overview of what you have in stock.

Once the contents have been eaten, you simply need to wash the container out and dry it thoroughly before it is ready to be refilled.