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Houseguests who nobody wants
The favoured haunts of food pests
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The discovery of how to preserve fresh food to make it last longer has probably saved lives and
Summer brunch ingredients often land up in the bin. And not only due to high summer temperatures.
Nowadays there are very few homes in industrialized countries that don't have a fridge. The
Lemon balm has an intensively lemony aroma, sharp and most refreshing. You can add it to green

A couple of basic prerequisites must be fulfilled in order to properly organise a household. And when it comes to initiating a useable system of stock-keeping, three aspects come into play: planning, storage and use.

In terms of stock-keeping, the basic prerequisites are knowledge of the methods involved and how to handle food properly, as well as appropriate storage. If a member of the household has the required knowledge and puts it to use in a targeted manner, it can reduce your food costs considerably, as you will throw less away and can remain independent of current market fluctuations in price.

The resources available to the household (including this knowledge) must be used systematically in running the home. This ensures that fewer resources, such as the time and money spent on spontaneous shopping trips, are wasted.

So stock-keeping also helps to keep people out of poverty. A sensible method of stock-keeping is particularly advisable for multiple-person households with a low income, although well organised stock-keeping can only be beneficial for all other types of household too.