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You will surely be familiar with the term “stock-keeping”. You have probably heard it many times and maybe have even used it yourself. But what does it actually mean?

It’s really quite simple:
in the context of private homes, stock-keeping refers to the storage or stocking of all types of food, be it fresh or preserved. In this sense, stock-keeping can be understood as a form of stockpiling goods. But the term “stock-keeping” is actually used all too rarely when it comes to the domestic sphere, even though it is incredibly important in terms of running a home. As far as the stocking of food is concerned, a basic distinction is drawn between dry food, i.e. those products which can be kept in a pantry at room temperature, and food which needs to be chilled and therefore belongs in the fridge or freezer.

A quick history lesson: in previous centuries, stock-keeping was used to ensure that people did not starve during times of need and as such, it was absolutely vital. During the winter months and also in the spring, stock-keeping made sure that people had sufficient access to foods which were not currently available in the garden or the shops. Today, the aim of stock-keeping is quite different. Nowadays all kinds of food are available the whole year through and the likelihood of starvation occurring in our society is miniscule. Nevertheless, the idea of stock-keeping is still an important one in private households: on the one hand, it makes running a home much easier, and on the other hand, having a well organised system of stock-keeping enables you to save a great deal of money. And in these difficult economic times, that’s one benefit that is becoming more and more attractive.

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