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There are many good reasons for well-organised food storage in your own household. The most important: you can save a lot of money!

There’s not time like the present to think about a well-planned, centralised food storage. Storing groceries centrally in one place in the kitchen, eg, in a spacious larder pull-out, gives you a much better overview over what you have in stock than any other method. You’ll avoid buying products you already have and consequently don’t need. With ample storage space it is easier to make use of attractive special offers, be they seasonal or regional. By stocking up and storing foodstuffs you can make use of the variety of regional foods outside their actual season, so you won’t have to fall back on products from overseas. This will reduce your environmental footprint. The biggest saving factor, however, is likely to be that a centralised food storage lets you see what you have in stock and check the use-by dates. If you do this systematically, you’ll find you’re throwing a lot less food away. So with a bit of planning and some clever shopping you can make a real dent in your food costs.

But there are even more benefits to storing food. A bit of management saves you time: cook a big batch of a dish and freeze it in portions that you can enjoy with almost no preparation time. It can be very creative and satisfying to fill your freezer with home-cooked meals – and you can be certain of the ingredients and their origins. Keeping a stock of food makes you independent of price fluctuations and shop opening times, and moreover allows for unpredictable events such as power cuts, snow chaos and flooding.

Once your food storage system is organised, you can cut down on the number of shopping trips you make. Very little planning does away with the weekly shop. Apart from some fresh items, you’ll be able to stock up only once a fortnight or even less frequently. And you always have something to offer visitors arriving at short notice. This avoids a lot of stress.

Author: Kristina Grote

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