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It was in 1928 that the brothers Alois and Josef Leicht produced the first kitchen buffet in their cabinet making and joinery firm in Waldstetten in south-west Germany. Today LEICHT is a kitchen manufacturers with a sterling reputation for premium, high-quality and innovative kitchen design.

The company is guided by its philosophy that furniture should be long-lasting, good-looking and high quality and that manufacturing processes and materials should meet the company’s exacting environmental standards. LEICHT kitchens are rooms with character which are a pleasure to be in. The new 2013 collection is catching everyone’s attention thanks to the freshness of the concepts, the ranges, the colours and choice of materials. LEICHT design features clear and harmonious lines, well-defined shapes and authentic materials. Again and again, the company succeeds in blending modern design with tradition and timeless style.

Retro-colours – elegant and timeless

A good example of LEICHT’s approach is the use of the retro colours “petrol”, an intense dark, blue-green, “curcuma”, a strong, warm mustard yellow and “saffron”, a muted, matt orange. Mixed with a lot of fresh white and neutral greys, these colours, which look back to the 50s, 60s and 70s, generate new ideas for trendy decors and kitchen design oriented to international design developments. LEICHT is driving a design trend that mixes and blends typical style elements of the different periods with design classics and nameless products in a totally uncomplicated way with contemporary design. The perfect mix of old and new, patterns and colours, retro and contemporary design is what makes the difference. And this applies especially to kitchen designs.

Knotty oak – light and airy

Typical of the expert blending of traditional style features in a modern ambience is LEICHT’s XYLO oak front panels. Knots, cracks and the brushed surface give the new front panels their lively, gnarled old-wood character. Vertical colourmatching of grained veneer bars with staggered joints enhance the authentic effect. In the “house4kitchen”, LEICHT presents the XYLO in a very modern and extremely elegant layout in the colours “aged oak slate”, “aged oak, natural”, “aged oak, copper” and “aged oak, moor” add three more Xylo surfaces, each available with matching surround accessories. The strongly cantilevered base units give the kitchen an especially light feeling. 

More information about the products: www.leicht.com