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User-friendly splashback system
from Kesseböhmer

Every kitchen has some free wall space; for example, the empty space between the wall units and the worktop. This midway, or splashback zone is the ideal place for storing stuff you use frequently, from a roll of kitchen paper to an iPad. With LINERO MosaiQ, Kesseböhmer is offering an innovative system that is both highly practical and harmonises beautifully with any kitchen style. LINERO MosaiQ can be quickly and easily added to any kitchen, so that even an existing fitted kitchen can be substantially upgraded by installing your choice of the modular MosaiQ elements.

Contemporary design – modular and flexible

LINERO MosaiQ features a contemporary design language and on-trend materials, oriented to modern linear kitchen architecture. It’s a splashback system that enhances and harmonises with the overall design of any kitchen. The basic element is a horizontal multifunction aluminium rail to which the storage elements (shelves, hooks, roll holders, etc.) are attached. This rail can be either screwed or glued to the wall. It comes with the option of LED ambient lighting. The storage elements are slotted in above or below the rail and positioned just where you, the user, want them. You might like to choose and group them to serve a specific workplace – cooking, washing up or food preparation. 

Wide choice of user-friendly elements

The elements include universal shelves to hold all sorts of stuff – from your recipe book to your iPad – and special containers which are slightly tilted towards you for easy access. Then there are hook strips, knife blocks, towel rail or ladle rail, double roll holder with a patented tear-off system, a paper roll holder and a memo board.

Making optimal use of free wall space

It’s easy to plan a kitchen incorporating LINERO MosaiQ, because the elements can be slotted in from above as well as from below. This means, for instance that LINERO MosaiQ can be located immediately below a row of wall units. If there’s still some space left above the horizontal rail, you can create extra storage space by adding storage modules slotted in from above. In other words, you’re making the most of the midway zone between the wall units and the worktop. 

LINERO MosaiQ is not just for kitchens, it’s attractive and practical in a bathroom too – order the elements you want via a kitchen dealer. 

Find out more about the innovative products: www.kesseboehmer.com 

Author: Charlotte Farber-Hemeling