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BK Cookware

BK Cookware – direct from the Netherlands. The cookware range Q-linair Master is extremely attractive, thought through to the smallest detail and it has won several design awards. It stands for successful solutions for your hob.


The BK Q-linair Master series has already won three international design awards, including the red dot design award. The cookware in this series combines perfect form with the highest functionality through effective and innovative extras. With encapsulated sandwich bases for even heat distribution, the saucepans heat up very fast. They’re suitable for all types of hob and can be used in the oven as well.

Easy, safe pouring

The lid can be locked in place with a quick twist under the saucepan’s specially shaped rim. This positions the two openings in the lid and the two openings in the rim so that hot liquids can be poured out easily and safely. In other words, you can do without a sieve.

Integrated volumetric measurements

Accurate measurement scales on the inside of the saucepan completely replace a separate measuring jug.

More volume

BK Q-linair Master saucepans are specially shaped to maximize their volume. The extra high, brushed stainless steel sides rise to the slightly protruding rim with the pouring system described above.

High-up handles

The heat-resistant handles are positioned high up on the sides of the saucepan for safer handling and easier stacking of the different-sized saucepans.

Prizewinning design

This design range has received a number of design awards – including the Design Plus Award and the red dot design award – from international specialist juries for its contemporary and professional design.

The company

BK Cookware is a company with a long tradition based in the Netherlands, which up to now has been known only to a select few in Germany. This changed at the beginning of the year when the company took a stand at the Frankfurt/Ambiente and the German market became suddenly aware of the company and its product. Since then it has been going from strength to strength.


The company was founded by coppersmith Hendrik Berk in 1851 in Kampen in the Netherlands. Since then Berk Kampen (BK) has become a quality brand in the Netherlands as a leader in cookware and cutlery.  BK Cookware has been part of the Royal Delft Group since 2008. This union of traditional Dutch companies promises to produce exciting new product developments.

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Source: Petra Schönfeld Text und Kommunikation

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