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Contemporary design and streamlined shapes

Kitchen design is trending strongly towards modern, straight-line shapes with streamlined, often handleless units. New ceramic kitchen sinks from systemceram speak a contemporary design language and with their sleek, unfussy lines are destined to play a leading role in these contemporary kitchens.

A choice from 16 trend colours

Characteristic of the new generation of kitchen sinks are their extremely low-profile rim and tight radii. These subtle design features make sure that systemceram sinks fit perfectly into today’s kitchen concepts. The company has the right sink for every taste, for every quality criterion and for every kitchen layout. 16 popular colours mean that the sink can be chosen to mix perfectly with the chosen kitchen fronts and worktop  – either tone-in-tone or as a striking contrast to suit every taste.

The special look of natural materials

The choice of installation styles – inset, under-mounted and flush-fit – emphasises the exclusive contemporary look. A flush-fit sink in a natural stone worktop makes a stunning combination and brings out the aesthetics of both materials.

Top quality thanks to fine stoneware

Systemceram works only with the finest stoneware from the Westerwald region of central Germany. Firing at over 1200 °C produces a smooth ceramic product with a tightly sealed surface. It’s heat resistant, and also resistant to commonly-used household acids and caustic liquids. Sinks made of this material are hard-wearing, they’re highly resistant to cutting, impact and shock. Even dropping a saucepan on the sink will generally not cause any damage. Ceramic surfaces are easy to clean and even after many years they look fresh and beautiful.

There’s more information on these innovative products at www.systemceram.de

Author: Charlotte Farber-Hemeling