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It’s a carafe – slender and elegant, practical and beautiful, a clever and attractive design. The fact that it lives up to all these attributes makes it a typical product from Eva Solo. The Danish design house has a tradition, going back around 100 years, of producing kitchenware and cooking utensils that combine outstanding functionality with brilliant design.


The fridge carafe has long been a classic, but this spring it’s been given a new look. The neoprene insulating sleeve which keeps the contents warm or cold, is now available in a soft green, all in white, or in white with a lime-green zip – a combination that’s totally fresh and spring like!


If you can’t resist picking up the carafe in its soft and supple sleeve, you’ll be surprised at how light it is. This is in line with the Eva Solo principle that all components of every product must meet functionality specifications. In the case of the carafe, this means that it’s made of borosilicate glass, which gives it two advantages. One is that it’s light, so that a full 1.0-litre carafe can be lifted and manipulated easily by children and older people. The second is the wide temperature tolerance, the carafe can cope reliably with extreme heat and cold.


The neoprene cover with the eyecatching zip is not only original to look at; functionally it provides effective insulation and it protects the glass if it should happen to get bumped or dropped. And in the unlikely event that the carafe breaks, then the cover keeps the shards of glass away from, for example, children’s hands. Would you hesitate to choose the new white cover because it might show the dirt? Don’t worry, it can be washed at 30 degrees in your washing machine and it won’t loose any of its pristine style and touch.

The cap of the carafe is made of polished stainless steel and silicone. The patented flip-top mechanism opens and closes automatically and the last drops are guaranteed to flow back into the carafe rather than dripping onto the tablecloth. All the parts are dishwasher-safe.

The coffee and tea ‘bags’ are as attractive, functional and high-quality as the other products in the Eva Solo family.

For example, cooks love the look and functionality of the Eva Trio White Line. In this range of cookware, the pots and pans are induction compatible. The solid aluminium ensures perfect heat distribution and the beautiful white ceramic coating in the pots is easy to clean, so you can be sure they stay fresh and white. The frying pans have a Slip-Let® coating on the inside to stop food sticking.

Eva Solo products encourage you to rethink preconceptions about how the objects we use every day should look and work. They make us smile and surprise us; first and foremost they impress us with their reliable functionality and durability.

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Editor: Johanna du Bosque