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Treat yourself to something extravagant from Milan

People in love tend to eat little and sleep less. They call each other by ridiculous nicknames and if they could they’d spend every minute together. Whether they’re sitting in a café, walking in the park or cycling on a tandem, as long as they’re together they’re happy. The GARAGEDESIGN double-spouted teapot pours two cups of tea at once – perfect for lovers intent on sharing every experience.


Everyone knows that some of the most creative professionals in Italy live and work in Milan. The city has a huge reputation for fashion and design. Even in this hothouse environment, Paolo Braguzzi, Tommaso Guerriero, Elisa Barbieri and Allessandro Molinari stand out from the mass. Around two years ago, they set up an internet-based studio for young designers and their fans. Within a short time it became a runaway success. And the four founders have already won a number of prizes for design and innovation

The GARAGEDESIGN concept is at once special and simple. Designers give free rein to their creativity and make their ideas available exclusively on the Milan web portal. Those that pass the preselection process, are produced as prototypes in the engineering bureau and offered for sale on the in-house webshop. Once a minimum sales volume has been reached, the design idea goes into production and the products are packaged and dispatched to the customers. The products are not aesthetically pleasing decorative objects with no practical use. On the contrary, the focus of these dedicated Italian designers is always on combining ordinary, everyday objects with extraordinary design.

The product range of GARAGEDESIGN includes kitchen gadgets, furniture, lamps and lighting, and any number of practical and beautiful things for the home. There’s something for every lover of excellent design – if you’re not in love and can’t imagine why you’d need a teapot for two, then consider another design from Milan: It’s a bed with an integrated slide rule – just the thing for the dedicated single life.

Read more about GARAGEDESIGN here.

Authors: Julian Detzmeier & Hendrik Jürgens

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