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“Shine Bright Like a Diamond" by the popstar Rihanna has been doing well on the German charts. “Shine Bright Like an Emerald”, might tone in better with the emerald green recently selected by the American company Pantone as “colour of the year". Has the powerful and evocative colour reached your kitchen yet?

Pantone is world market leader in colour systems, inks and paints. A choice that initially sounds relatively banal, in fact has an enormous effect on fashion designers’ collections and entire sectors from the automotive industry to wallpaper designers. Any statement by the committee of colour specialists is almost bound to trigger a trend. Especially because the decision about which colour will be in fashion when is based on information from an army of trend scouts that Pantone regularly sends out. They research segments like nightlife, entertainment, fashion, art, culture and – more surprisingly – politics.

The Berliner Zeitung compares the New Jersey colour researchers with the German Standards Institute (Deutschen Institut für Normung). And in fact, there are some parallels between the two. The Americans were the leaders in systematising the huge range of colours, tones and shades by defining each one and assigning it a single code. In 2012, for instance, the trend colour was Tangerine Tango. A vivid red-orange, it stood for “energy and adrenaline" and its code in the Pantone colour system was 17-1463.

The must-have colour this year is Emerald, a deep, intense green, code 17-5641. Expect to encounter it in the coming months in every wardrobe and well-equipped household. Accessories, cushions or home appliances in emerald green create a splash of fresh and vivid colour, which is especially effective in light, bright, monochrome kitchens.

Since antiquity, emerald green has been regarded by many cultures and religions as the representing beauty and sensuousness. It’s also thought bring balance and harmony into people’s lives. And if that’s not enough to make you embrace the new trend colour, take a look at the design examples offered by the Clever Storage team.

Well, I hope that’s provided some inspiration. Enjoy yourselves planning, fitting out and decorating your new kitchen, the heart of your home! You’ll find all you need to know about current kitchen trends in Living Kitchen 2013 – the Trend Report.

Author: Hendrik Jürgens

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