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Furniture for life

Flowerssori is a range of furniture for children, but not only for children. Designed in Italy, the products are 100% sustainable, completely handmade in Italy and developed by a design team headed by someone who was born, like Maria Montessori in Chiaravalle.


The name was created by combining the word “flower” as a metaphor for children and for natural design and Montessori, the woman whose insights revolutionised the way children are taught.

The interest in natural design and in the world of Montessori educational psychology is closely related to Flowerssori’s policy of designing furniture that is not simply a miniature version of adult furniture. Instead, each product is oriented to the ergonomics and sensory perceptions of a child. Flowerssori furniture products offer a special sensory and tactile experience. If you move them around the room you sense the movement and essence of the wood. Each unique product bears the label “Made in Italy”.

The starting point: see the world from a child’s perspective!

Flowerssori’s involvement with Montessori methods come from our roots in Chiaravalle, Maria Montessori’s home town, and from a genuine passion for her philosophy. As architects, Flowerssori’s designers are committed to realising those aspects of Montessori teaching that are most closely associated with our profession.

Some years ago, we made a study of how the Montessori method was actually applied in nursery schools and schools, both in Italy and internationally. Then we made an in-depth analysis of the companies that manufacture furniture for children, for both home and institutional use, especially those that claim to align themselves closely with Maria Montessori’s teachings. What we found was that the development encouraged by Montessori towards designs for children – in order to create an environment that would be right for children – came to a complete standstill years ago.


Children’s furniture currently on the market has scarcely changed since the 1940s. In other words, it hasn’t kept pace with the physiological changes, the changed concept of beauty and changes in taste. All that has happened is that contemporary furniture designed for adults has been scaled down for children. This goes against the basic Montessori principle. Maria Montessori emphasised that children have an inborn ability to value beautiful things and that they learn better in an attractive and stimulating environment than in a boring “normal” environment.

With these research results, we travelled from Northern Europe to North America, more especially to Canada, where we visited a lot of Montessori facilities and held intensive discussions with experts about how furniture and equipment for children could be improved functionally and aesthetically along Montessori lines.


This research and the concurrent discussions have been the starting point and criterion for developing and designing our range of Flowerssori Montessori furniture. In October 2012, the Chiaravalle Montessori Foundation recognised this product range as a brand and awarded it the official certificate. “Montessori Equipment” certificate.


More information and products at www.flowerssori.de

Source: Flowerssori