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Multifunctional on every level

Hailo, the company with the red dot, is always on the lookout for creative solutions that will deliver products to expand their range of practical products. New approaches and innovative concepts are developed in cooperation with a college of product design, then given the final polish by a team of designers. This was the process that took the Hailo U from an idea to reality.

At first glance the new Hailo U looks like an ultra-modern, streamlined stool. But in fact it can be far more: a useful table next to a sofa or a night table, a perch in the hallway to put your shoes on comfortably – and you can even use it as a small step ladder. Ladders of all descriptions are among of Hailo’s core competences and the company’s know-how has produced a clever, one-of-a-kind design. A lower step is concealed within the U and this step can be swung out 180 degrees to create the bottom step to create the stepladder function.

The U is available in three versions: natural core beech, beech stained dark brown, or white-painted beech. This new multifunctional product comes with the same dependable safety and reliability characteristics to be expected of all Hailo products. With its compact design, the U can guarantee high lateral stability. Designed for a maximum load of 150 kg, both steps are generously dimensioned and have an anti-slip coating. Rubber feet ensure that the U stands firmly, but does not damage sensitive floor surfaces.

This new product shows that Hailo is ready and competent to implement unusual design concepts, which explains why the company is continually expanding its portfolio of high-quality products. 

More products and information at www.hailo.de

Source: Blies Public Relations GmbH