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interzum awards for CONVOY Premio
and FREEflap

The value of a product is the sum of many attributes – its shape, the choice of materials, the design, the manufacturing quality and the functionality. Design prizes awarded by independent international institutes on the basis of these attributes are reliable guides to decision-making.

Among the many international design prizes which Kesseböhmer products have won this year, are now two Interzum Awards. Both awards are for “intelligent material & design 2013”. One was awarded to the Convoy Premio and the other to the new FREEflap lift-up fitting. With the awards, the specialist, independent jury acknowledged the high design quality and innovative force of Kesseböhmer products.

The jury panel was especially impressed by the emotional impact of opening a The jury panel was especially impressed by the emotional impact of opening a Convoy Premio. The door of the unit opens smoothly and effortlessly and the pull-out follows automatically as a complete unit. It glides out until the whole fitting is right out in front of the unit. In this position, the user can see all the stored items on all the trays at a glance and easily reach any item. The award-winning flap lifter, FREEflap, lets users open wall units in the kitchen, or any other room, with the greatest of ease. The lifting and lowering movements can be stopped reliably in any position. FREEflap is a member of Kesseböhmer’s new-generation FREElift lifter family. Hallmarks of this sophisticated lifter family are the streamlined design of the fittings, the extraordinarily smooth and easy movement sequences and the soft damping in both the opening and closing directions.

More information here: www.kesseboehmer.com


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