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Current kitchen trends – an overview: Kesseböhmer publishes the “A30 Trend Report 2017/18”

Each year in September the focus is on kitchens – especially along the A30 in East Westphalia, Germany. The showrooms along this “Kitchen Mile” attract not only manufacturers and retailers, but also suppliers for every type of kitchen component. The suppliers’ representatives move purposefully through the showrooms alert to spot new design trends in kitchen cabinets, appliances, sinks, fittings and accessories. Their aim is not only to identify trends, but also to discuss and address critical questions and constructive criticism from their customers. The Kesseböhmer team has compiled the results of the 2017 September shows in the “A30 Trend Report 2017/18”.


Right at the top of the agenda this autumn was the continuing strong trend towards amalgamating the two worlds of “kitchen” and “living area”. In response, exhibitors showed kitchen architecture and designs that were open and versatile. Kitchen fronts designed for living created a welcoming impression and featured strongly defined verticals and horizontals. Fascinating designs and kitchen layouts demonstrated flexible approaches to handling the transition from kitchen to other living areas. They also played with light and shadows. The dominant impression was created by the streamlined shapes of modern designs. Kitchens also tended to look uncluttered and ultra-tidy.


Open storage with modular and variable shelf and railing systems alternating with closed front panels. Shelves and railing systems alternated with closed fronts. There was clearly a strong emphasis on technical solutions capable of both revealing and concealing the stored contents. 


Behind the fronts, the theme of adding “value inside” is still at the forefront of new developments, especially because small kitchens are the rule rather than the exception in many European cities. Classic storage solutions such as larder pull-outs – not only as full-height versions but also as versions for base units – continued to feature strongly. And so did heavy-duty corner pull-outs that move the contents right out in front of the units. All these solutions have an important place in today’s kitchen planning because they help users to make the most of the available space. 


To make sure that everything is within easy reach for all kitchen users, the kitchen industry is deploying more and more technical solutions. These bring the contents of wall units forwards and/or downwards, while purpose-designed fittings can bring equipment within reach on the work surface. 


Black, anthracite and other dark tones continue to grow in popularity as kitchen colours, although the trend to white kitchens seems to be an enduring one. White also featured as highlights in predominantly dark-toned kitchens. Pastels, reminiscent of the 1950s, were sporadically on view. Material mixes – wood and wood finishes, stone and concrete, metallic surfaces – create the warm and liveable mood that matches the kitchen architecture. It was noticeable that the look and style inside the cabinets echoed and harmonised with the overall look and design of the whole kitchen.


Kesseböhmer has had the main impressions collected during September 2017 in the showrooms along the A30 kitchen mile compiled into a special report, the “A30 Clever Storage – Trend Report 2017/2018”. The impressions fall naturally into the sections Architecture, Look & Feel, Inner Values and Technology. Kesseböhmer views the report not simply as a collection of impressions, but as a basis for discussions with potential customers. The Trend Report is published online as an eBook, available at www.kitchen.world/epaper/trendreport-a30-2017.


A30 Trend Report for download!