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Stylish plastic planters

All you need for effortless relaxation on a summer’s day is an outdoor living room. It could be a terrace, a patio, or a balcony. The furniture, depending on your taste, could be anything from a simple folding table and bistro chairs to elegant “lounge-style” outdoor furniture. Plants are essential to create cool, green privacy or bright splashes of colour. What could be easier when new plant containers are easy to use and styled to suit your taste?

Scheurich, Europe’s market leader in ceramic plant pots is now also offering a range of innovative plastic planters. They’re cleverly designed to be used outdoors and indoors. Essential for use indoors or in a conservatory is the fact that they are absolutely watertight. On the balcony or terrace by contrast, you don’t need to worry that your plants will drown after a downpour. All you do when you move your plants outdoors is to take out the closure that seals off the hole in the bottom of the container and “park” it in a special holder underneath the container. The plastic containers have an new water runaway system which ensures that excess water runs away. They’re ideal for plant lovers who move their oleanders, bougainvilleas and fuchsias inside ahead of the onset of winter and outside again when spring arrives. Also important here is the very light weight and easy shapes of the new Scheurich planters.

Wave Garden is one of the new designs. Its gentle curves add a sophisticated touch to any garden room and the colours Metallic Grey, Living Taupe and Living Sand harmonise beautifully with a naturalistic balcony or patio design. For a strikingly modern ambience by contrast, the containers are offered in Living Green, Purple and Ruby. All the colours are highlights in every sense of the word, because as the sunlight catches the tiny glitter particles in the material, the whole container gleams richly in the light.

Wave Globe is another range of containers, this time in an elegant “stone” design. Thick-walled, puristic and with an authentic look reminiscent of different types of stone, the containers come in the surface finishes White granite, Black granite, Taupe granite and Terra. They look startlingly like containers made of real stone or terracotta, but weigh only a fraction. The containers are made in a demanding rotation sintering process which gives them a flawless finish with on weld seams, or sharp edges. All these outdoor containers “Made in Germany” are made of UV-resistant materials and will also withstand extremes  from hot to sub-zero temperatures. 

More information about the products: www.scheurich-shop.de