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The bed that grows with the child

Flowerssori furniture designers look at the world of children and take account of how children explore their world (sensory input) and live in it (the drive to be in action all the time). They are also aware that a child’s centre of gravity is near to the ground but they spend most of their time looking upwards.


A piece of Flowerssori furniture goes way beyond pure functionality, instead it enters into a new kind of relationship with a child which derives from ability to communicate, a deep respect and the idea that there’s no reason for a piece of furniture to have a use-by date. On the contrary, in different shapes, it can last a lifetime. These ideas are the basis for the concept of multifunctionality and the development of the latest product in this line – the bed that grows with the child.

The bed design starts with a basic structure, a network of real wood with cutouts that guarantees perfect ergonomics and allows the mattress to breathe adequately. Then further elements are added: the foot end, the head board, sides and connecting elements made of genuine leather. These are living materials that can be combined as required to create different pieces of furniture – a cradle, a sofa, a child’s bed with high sides that still allows the child maximum autonomy, and even a genuine adult’s bed that can be doubled to make a double bed and even a king-size bed.

In the new bed design, Flowerssori has worked with a minimum number of elements to create a bed that starts with the baby and toddler and grows to serve the adult. Along the way it caters to the child’s need to explore its environment and to enjoy nature, lightness, dynamism and aesthetics. The bed is the only product in the entire line that has to be put together, because the different functionalities depend on how the elements are put together. We believe, and we trust others share this belief, that it’s high time that grown-ups again start to see the world through the eyes of a child and to use their hands, their minds and their sense of space to create new things – just as children do every day of their lives.

Technical details

All Flowerssori Line products are made in Italy exclusively from natural wood (from laminated, bent and cut beech (inside) and ash (outside). Each piece of furniture comes with information about its origin, production number, production date and PEFC and FSC certification that the wood comes from sustainably managed forests. There is no trace of iron or plastic in the furniture and the glue is class E0.

More information and products at www.flowerssori.de. 

Source: Flowerssori