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Puristic design for hot and cold

The winners of the German Design Award 2014 have recently been announced. This prestigious award covers ten categories and a high-calibre jury awards it to 100 products which show outstanding product and communication design. The blomus company gained two Special Mentions in the German Design Award 2014. One was for the MADRA log carrier, a stylish and practical way of fetching and storing logs for a woodburner. The other was for TEA-JAY, an innovative glass carafe in which you can brew up tea and immediately cool it to serve as iced tea.

The easy way to carry and store logs

MADRA from blomus is an attractive new method of carrying and storing wood for your woodburner. MADRA is made of sturdy plastic fibres. You simply lift the empty carrier out of the frame, fill it with logs in your wood store and carry it back to your living room. Once there you hang it back in its stainless steel frame. It’s wood storage worthy of the most elegant living room. MADRA is yet another product from the German designer company blomus which successfully blends function and design. The prize jury gave this product a Special Mention.

The cool way to make iced tea

Another Special Mention went to the iced-tea maker TEA-JAY®. It consists of a slim glass carafe topped by a neat matt steel container incorporating a tea filter. You put ice cubes, chopped up fruit, freshly squeezed fruit juice or syrup into the glass carafe. Then you brew your chosen tea, using boiling water, in the top container. Once the brewing time has elapsed, twisting the filter allows the freshly brewed tea to pour down over the ice cubes. It cools down, blends with the other ingredients and hey presto you have a carafe of delicious iced tea, plain or fruity. You don’t need to add sugar unless you want to. Your guests will enjoy the spectacle as you prepare the tea in front of them. The Design Award jury were impressed by the looks, functionality and manufacturing quality of the TEA-JAY® and honoured it with a Special Mention.

More information, products and recipes at: www.blomus.de
Source: Blume PR