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zeyko – rediscover brand values!

This year’s Living Kitchen was a very special event for the premium kitchen brand zeyko. The company’s slogan for the show was “zeyko – rediscover brand values”. The reference is to the powerful quality and nature-oriented values of the Black Forest-based kitchen manufacturers. Values like guaranteed quality workmanship from the Black Forest, a passion for perfection and all with nature in mind. Our focus has always been on a natural look and feel and on the intrinsic value of our products.

This year, zeyko’s exhibits at the Living Kitchen 2015 in Cologne completely reinterpret these outstanding traditional and unique virtues, with a seamless connection between old and new and the memorable slogan “zeyko – rediscover brand values”.

In the same place, but with a striking new look, the zeyko stand features a fascinating, abstract interpretation of Black Forest landscapes. Mysterious, transparent fabric panels contain the elaborately designed kitchen presentation. The invitingly light and airy interior emphasises natural materials and colour combinations – generating a friendly and genuine welcome to all visitors. And right at the beginning of the trade show the company won the Interior Innovation Award 2015, not once, not twice but three times – the show couldn’t have got off to a better start!

zeyko Metal-X² – handcrafted and elegant fronts

The new, exclusive structured surface created by zeyko is a fascinating process completely redeveloped for the kitchen. Metal is liquefied through additives, applied by hand to the surfaces and given an attractive structure. The surface looks soft and the gentle ridge pattern created by the spatula adds interest and looks natural and artisanal. The gleaming, polished tops of the ridges contrast with the darker, matt indentations. And the pattern seems to change depending on the angle that catches the light. This gives the material unexpected depths and a cool, yet attractive, aesthetic. zeyko Metal-X² – handcrafted so that each element is unique. Black Forest workmanship in its ultimate extravagance and already a winner of the “interior innovation award 2015 – best of best”.

zeyko Flybridge – down with gravity!

The new supporting system, “zeyko Flybridge” makes it possible to “float” complete groups of base units so that they seem to be supported by an invisible force. It’s a fascinating interplay physics and your perceptions. The floating kitchen island is shown here with “zeyko Metal-X²” fronts and a worktop in solid hot-rolled stainless steel. All the units are handleless for a totally streamlined look. In a fascinating contrast to the smooth heavy metal, the overhang and the underlighting create an impression of floating lightness which is extraordinarily attractive.

This kitchen design is completed with a wood passepartout around the tall units, a wood counter docked onto the hob island and “zeyko Inline” fittings behind the fronts, in this case made of solid walnut veneer. “zeyko Flybridge” is a composition of honest and genuine materials, a masterpiece of craft and technology – and winner of a prestigious “interior innovation award 2015”.

zeyko Forum Stucco light

A layer of fine concrete is applied by hand to the specially primed substrate. Handcrafted means each unit is a one-off. And more affordable than you might think. Quality at zeyko can be as beautiful and affordable as this. The monumental wall area divides into the horizontal cladding elements and the vertical front panel elements. The quartz worktop creates a perfect harmony of tone and texture. The zinc yellow painted kitchen hidden behind the folding doors is a striking contrast. There’s a clever electric lifter shelf that rises out of the island on command. And especially impressive are the “zeyko Inline” inside fittings in elegant walnut. These interior fittings inside zeyko kitchens have been awarded a reddot Design Award.

The zeyko Forum knotty oak with an application in Metal-LUX white gold

Outstanding quality and genuine through and through. The natural look with front panels in rustic knotty oak. Crafted with care from solid plywood – made with wood from FSC-certified forests – and a choice of 12 wood veneers and variants. Surfaces are sealed for highest resistance to household substances and influences. The result is a strikingly attractive kitchen that will last and last. As contrasting accents of colour and material – genuine gold leaf applied by hand and protected with two coats of sealant. It looks elegant and valuable – and it’s absolutely hardwearing in daily use. Inside is the legendary “zeyko exquisite” carcase made of solid blockboard with genuine maple veneer and the solid wood interior fittings ”zeyko Inline crystal beech”.

The zeyko Horizon Accento eucalyptus smoke and Accento Vitrin

Warm wood meets cool glass. The long, harmonious horizontals of the eucalyptus veneer in velvety dark smoke tones creates a pleasing contrast to the cool and businesslike frosted glass surfaces in “Scatalo” grey in the fronts and glass worktop. A striking feature of this design is the corner solution above the worktop – the “zeyko Cargo”. Fully customisable, it can be fitted out as a breakfast unit with a coffee machine station, as a spice gallery, as storage with a socket for small appliances or as a mini bar.

Visit www.zeyko.com.


Text: Tobias Hollerbach


Source: zeyko Möbelwerk GmbH & Co. KG