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ALNOCLASSIC blends tradition and modernity

  • Timeless country house ambience with state-of-the-art technology
  • Solid oak meets contemporary glass wall units with customised comfort

The ALNOCLASSIC product line from ALNO AG is a modern interpretation of a richly traditional product. The look may be traditional, but the technology is state-of-the-art and the lines are clear and unfussy. This all makes ALNOCLASSIC a kitchen for every generation.

The new product line is marketed in three colours: “Oak vanilla” is a typical country kitchen colour, reflecting the warm emotionality of this kind of kitchen. “Oak graphite” and “Oak white” reflect a younger and technically modern ambience. In all three colours, the ALNOCLASSIC range is made of real oak crafted with extreme care with classical solid wood front frames. ALNOCLASSIC products offer individual comfort and ample storage space thanks to glass wall units and built-in units. The silk matt painted surfaces suggest the natural graining of the durable oak, emphasising the blending of tradition and modernity.

New high-end product lines ALNOSTAR CERA and ALNOCERA – ceramic surfaces for an ultra-sleek look

  • New kitchen generation integrates ceramics, a 100%-natural product
  • Leading on process technology: abrasion- and scratchproof surfaces, but totally easy-care
  • Two variants: ALNOSTAR CERA handleless and ALNOCERA with handles

ALNO AG has developed a new high-end product – kitchens with ceramic surfaces. The company has combined innovative design with ultra-modern kitchen know-how. “Ceramics are an ideal material for kitchen surfaces,” says Berthold Müller, head of Product Management at ALNO AG. The kitchen supplier based in Pfullendorf has used this material to create a new product generation. As a 100% natural product, ceramics also reflect ALNO’s concern with offering environmentally sound, high-quality products.


The new ceramic lines, ALNOSTAR CERA and ALNOCERA, meet the high expectations of a wide and demanding customer base. Ceramics, a homogenous and very hard material, have been reinterpreted by ALNO for tomorrow’s kitchens. A 3-millimetre ceramic surface is applied, as a continuous layer, on all surfaces including the side cladding. This uniform ceramic layer gives the kitchen a homogenous and harmonious look. The ceramic surfaces are by definition scratch- and abrasion-resistant and absolutely easy to clean and maintain. Other advantages, prioritised in the development process, are resistance to staining by foodstuffs, recyclability and UV resistance.


The new line is available in two versions – ALNOSTAR CERA, a handleless design, and ALNOCERA with handles. Colour options are “Oxide avorio” and “Oxide nero”. The product lines also include lower-budget models – ALNOSTAR DUR and ALNODUR – where the laminate surfaces imitate a stone structure. Colour options are “Sand grey” and “Lava grey”.


ALNO AG boosts its lead on innovation in glass for contemporary kitchens

  • Glass kitchen segment expanded with up-to-date colours and extra design elements
  • Awards testify to innovative design and user-friendly products

This year’s in-house show at ALNO AG, one of the world’s major manufacturers of built-in kitchens, again pointed up the company’s lead in glass kitchens. The product lines ALNOSTAR VETRINA and ALNOVETRINA are available now in the trendy high-gloss colours “Kaschmir” and “Purple”. The multifunctional models ALNOSTAR SATINA and ALNOSATINA are available in matt Kaschmir; they blend classical style with cubistic shapes.


ALNO’s innovative glass-fronted kitchens have 16-millimetre chipboard bases with glass surfaces, lacquered on the undersides, glued onto the base. They are extremely easy to clean and maintain. With its huge choice of colours and designs – from natural and classically simple to strikingly contemporary – ALNO is the innovation leader in this area.


Testimony to the company’s achievements is the number of awards for innovative design and user-friendly products won by the classic glass kitchen ALNOSTAR SATINA. Prizes such as “Kitchen Innovation of the Year 2011” and the “reddot design award 2010” underline the all-of-a-piece composition of kitchen units, and electrical appliances created in cooperation with Bosch Home Appliances and Schott AG. As part of the “Trend Study 2011”, the ALNOSTAR SATINA also won an IF product design award 2010. This kitchen makes an impression with its futuristic shapes and matt glass fronts. The models ALNOART woodglass and ALNOART pro also won awards in recent years. In addition, two new design elements – grip rails and segment glass doors – have been integrated in the glass kitchen segment ALNOSATINA and ALNOVETRINA, continuing the ongoing development of these product lines.