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Interplay of functionality and creativity
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What is a kitchen? Certainly not just a place to cook! Cooking means pleasure, communication and sheer joy of living. The kitchen is a place where people meet to eat, celebrate and enjoy a shared experience – cooking. However, the kitchen is also a place where new ideas are born, a place of inspiration. That makes it more than just a workplace; it’s also a hub of creativity.

A kitchen is therefore not so different to an artist's studio. This playful, creative environment has inspired the ALNO design team to develop a new kitchen: ALNOMESA – the studio of culinary art. The name ALNOMESA is a blend of the brand name of the long-established ALNO company and the Spanish word for table.


As in an artist's studio, the concept's focus is a large table or in this case a kitchen island. ALNOMESA is based on the idea of a modular system with a number of mix-and-match decorative elements. These include stainless steel legs – in the shape of brushed metal bars or bent steel tubing – or solid oak struts. They make the worktop ends appear to float and lend the kitchen its unique appeal. They help to define the space and add clarity and lightness to the kitchen design.

Open structures, splashes of colour and
a perfect kitchen island

Open compartments that can be placed flexibly below the worktop reinforce the floating feel and provide storage space that is decorative as well as useful. The open structure encourages users to attach trays in positions that create colour accents and ensure plenty of storage space. The innovative aspects of this design study include new front panel designs with extremely narrow frames.


The combination of different materials and colour accents opens the way to a wealth of design options for ALNOMESA, with functionality always a top priority. The paravent shelves with flaps of satin-finished glass are one example: they can be combined in various sizes and discreetly illuminated. In this way, the practical value of the storage space is augmented by the emotional component of light. The creative playful look is also reinforced by coloured L-shaped shelf units. Differing compartment depths create attractive display options. This interplay of functionality and creativity is typical of the ALNOMESA concept. It re-interprets the role of the kitchen and assigns it a new communicative focus.

Source: ALNO AG,

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