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Full steam ahead, using little power

For some years now, Cornelia Poletto has been one of the most successful chefs on German television. She draws the audience onto her side with a combination of subtle wit and North-German calmness. Over the course of time and after countless appearances on TV she has become a real expert in the field of product presentation. BK Cookware, the Dutch manufacturer of high-quality cooking utensils, has “dared to tackle the professional market” and won over Poletto, a native of Hamburg, with its great products and their ease of use.

In her own cookery school Cucina Cornelia Poletto in attractive Eppendorf, the Michelin-starred chef recently presented a completely new and innovative product: the BK INNOVITA.


The remarkable thing about this pan is its energy-saving, gentle and healthy preparation of food without the loss of nutrients, colour, taste and vitamins: in other words, the “goodness” in vegetables and meat is retained.

The theory

One of the remarkable features of the BK INNOVITA is the material from which the pan is made. It is a 3-ply material in which two layers of rust-free stainless steel are fused with an intermediate aluminium layer. This combination of materials ensures that the pan heats up quickly. The heat is optimally distributed and stored in the entire pan.

This means that it is possible to cook food precisely at a low temperature, with a minimal amount of water and without the addition of oil or fat. In some cases the water contained in the vegetables will be sufficient for the entire cooking process.

In addition to these outstanding characteristics of the pan itself, there is also an intelligent module in the lid which monitors the temperature and the cooking time of the ingredients. It issues an audible signal and informs you when the food is cooked. Moreover, the glass ring in the lid enables you to check the food without having to open the pan.

The INNOVITA is quite different from a pressure cooker. It does not require an awkward safety valve, since no pressure will build up inside the pan. The food is cooked only using steam.

The practice

The preparation of foods of all kinds – even simultaneously in the same pan – proceeds according to four easy steps:

  • The ingredients are placed in the pan with a little water. Just a few millilitres are all that will be required.

  • Switch on the stove (gas, induction, electricity or a ceramic hob) and set the optimal cooking temperature on the module on the lid.

  • As soon as the temperature is reached in the pan the heat can be reduced or switched off entirely. Now the timer should be set.

  • There will be an audible signal when the food is cooked.

Tip from Cornelia Poletto: The INNOVITA is ideal for preparing risotto; since the temperature remains the same, it will not be necessary to stir the dish continuously.

Accessories included

When you purchase a BK INNOVITA the package also includes a cookery book with great recipes as well as an extensive cooking table which can be used to calculate the cooking times for a wide range of ingredients and quantities. What is more, BK Cookware offers a spectacular 30 years guarantee on the material and workmanship of the pan.


With a 30-year guarantee, you simply cannot go wrong with an INNOVITA by BK Cookware. That what Cornelia Poletto confirms in her testimonial, smiling enthusiastically as she does so…


… and she ought to know ...


Text and photos: Lisa-Marie Köster


Source: BK Cookware