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Storage space is in short supply in a lot of kitchens. Fresh foods go in the fridge, but where to put foods that don’t need chilling? The fact is that in most modern kitchens there is no single dedicated unit for groceries; instead they tend to be spread over different cupboards and shelves. Finding particular items when you need them can be time-consuming and frustrating. In an independent survey by TÜV Rheinland, 87% of the participants said they found this situation unsatisfactory and they would prefer a central storage unit for groceries which would be capable of storing the groceries for 1 or 2 weeks. The central unit would give users a clear overview of and easy access to all the stored goods.

They were on the right track, because central storage has been shown to be the best solution under all sorts of conditions – for singles, small families and big ones. Kesseböhmer, the specialist for ultra-user-friendly fittings solutions, offers a choice of highly practical solutions for central storage of all the foodstuffs that don’t belong in the fridge.

Why choose centralised storage?

Almost everyone stores fresh foods in a fridge. You could go into a strange house and still know exactly where to find milk, butter, eggs or fresh vegetables. This saves time and effort in kitchen work. Think of the efficiency gains if other foodstuffs, like salt, sugar, spices, pasta and pickles were also stored centrally in one kitchen unit! Users wouldn’t have to open several different cupboards to gather ingredients for lunch or to bake a cake. They’d also find it much easier to check what they’ve got in stock – at a glance, and even from the side. They can read the labels, check fill levels and see which items need to go on the shopping list and which need to be used up quickly, because of an imminent use-by date. This saves money and effort, as well as unnecessary time spent in the supermarket.


Which types of pull-out fitting are right for central storage?


Two Kesseböhmer products that score very high as central storage solutions are the Dispensa larder pull-out and the Tandem split pull-out. Both of them guarantee an unsurpassed overview of the entire unit contents, together with easy, direct access to every item. With a Tandem fitting, the storage space is split between a door element and a rear element. When the door is opened the contents of the door element are in easy reach and the rear element is drawn forward for a clear view and quick access. With a Dispensa larder pull-out, the entire fitting, with the contents, slides out of the unit in one effortless movement. The contents of all the trays, from the topmost to the lowest, are visible at a glance from both sides. Dispensa Swing, the swivel Dispensa version, not only slides the unit contents out, but swivels them left or right in front of the cabinet. Individual trays in all these different fittings can be positioned at heights to suit the user and changed at any time. This makes it easy to adapt storage to package sizes, changing lifestyles and changing household or family circumstances. This means you’re making best use of the available space in a kitchen unit.


Where’s the logical place to put a central storage unit?

The best place is right next to the fridge, or the fridge-freezer combination. Lucky kitchen owners with this solution have all their stored foodstuffs close together, ready for quick and easy access. Tandem is available for units 45, 50 and 60 cm wide. Tandem Depot is a double version available for 90, 100 and even 120 cm widths. The Dispensa larder pull-out is offered for 30 and 40 cm cabinet widths, helping kitchen planners to utilise every square centimetre of kitchen space. This gives you optimum choice to find a storage solution that is exactly what you want.


Author: Kristina Grote

Source: www.kessebö