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Centralized food storage saves time and money

A lot of modern kitchens lack a central unit to store groceries, to parallel the fridge for fresh food. So when you're cooking, you have to collect ingredients from several separate cupboards. In a study by the German testing organization TÜV Rheinland, 87% of the participants said they'd welcome a central store cupboard capable of holding two-weeks' worth of groceries and easy to access. Kesseböhmer, the German specialist for storage fittings behind the fronts, offers a number of practical solutions that meet this need. They all offer capacious storage with quick and easy access for all the foodstuffs you don't keep in the fridge.

It makes sense to store food centrally in one place

Fresh food is automatically stored in a refrigerator – things like milk, butter or fresh vegetables. The idea is to have the same sort of system for groceries, from salt, sugar and spices to pasta and canned foods. If you put your fridge and this big storage unit side by side, you'll have created a centralized system that saves you time and effort whether you're making lunch or baking a cake. It also means you can check very quickly whether you're running out of something or what foods are coming up to their use-by dates. You'll save time and money – and avoid duplicate purchases.

The choice is yours

Any tall storage fitting which gives you good storage capacity and quick access makes a good central storage unit. Kesseböhmer, for example, offers you the choice of tall larder units, TANDEM storage fittings, or the company's special CONVOY fitting. What all three types have in common is a clear view of and direct access to all the stored contents.


Take the DISPENSA larder unit, for example: one gentle pull slides the entire contents right out of the cabinet. All the trays, from the topmost one down, are in full view from both sides and it's easy to find what you want. You can adjust the height of each tray to suit storage needs which will inevitably change over time as the size of your household and the things you buy change.
TANDEM works on a different system: as you open the door, the front shelf element swings out with the door while the back shelf element slides automatically forward into easy reach. You can check the contents at a glance and easily reach whatever you need.


With the CONVOY Lavido, you open the door and then gently slide the whole storage element out in front of the cabinet, again giving you totally easy access. The CONVOY Premio, by contrast, slides out automatically as you open the door. Thanks to their innovative design, with all the trays supported on a single post at the back, all the CONVOY variants give you a clear view and direct access from three sides.

Positioning options for your central storage unit

The very best place for your central storage unit is right next to your fridge or fridge/freezer. Then you have all your stored food, whether chilled or not, in one place for very quick access. Kesseböhmer offers a choice of widths for different kitchen layouts. The TANDEM fitting is offered 45, 50 and 60 centimetres wide, or as a TANDEM depot (two TANDEM fittings side by side) 90, 100 and even 120 centimetres wide. Kesseböhmer offers the DISPENSA larder fitting from 30 to 60 centimetres wide, so it can be fitted into even very narrow gaps. The CONVOY Lavido is available for cabinet widths from 40 to 60 cm, although users find that the three-sided access is especially useful in 50 or 60 cm wide cupboards. The CONVOY Premio is designed for 60 cm cabinets. This wide choice means that kitchen planners and users can be sure of finding a solution that exactly suits the kitchen they want and the room layout they have to work with to create a customized central storage system.

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