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Men who have to crouch over the stove or sink and women who strain on tiptoe to reach a high shelf have at least one thing in common – working in the kitchen is not always enjoyable for them. But it’s high time they found out that something can be done about work surfaces at the wrong height or poorly designed kitchen fittings. Kesseböhmer’s ergoAGENT concept, for example, provides simple, ingenious and attractive solutions to this type of problem.

Around a third of German adults complain of acute back pain. 70% of adults admit to suffering from backache or back strain at least once a year. One of the most common causes of backache is working at the wrong height in the kitchen. The problem can be avoided by having kitchen work surfaces at precisely the right height. “That’s all very well,” you might say, “but what happens if several people share the kitchen?” The chances that the same worksurface height is going to be comfortable for every member of a household are very small – especially if there are children in the family. The only logical consequence is that the kitchen must adapt to the user and not vice versa. And the changeover should be quick and easy – at the touch of a button!

ergoAGENT is a new Kesseböhmer concept that will help kitchens to become even more efficient, more streamlined and, above all, more comfortable. Because comfort is highly individual.

ergoAGENT Twin

Mounting a table on two variable-height supports transforms a central working zone into a multifunctional furniture element. The tabletop can be set at exactly the right height for any use – from sitting or standing work to a companionable get-together.

ergoAGENT High

The height-adjustable wall unit gives a whole new meaning to the concepts “headroom” and “handle height”. The integrated electric motor moves the whole wall unit to whatever height the user selects. As high as possible for maximum freedom while cooking, or much lower to stack away clean plates from the dishwasher.

ergoAGENT Rack

An open spice rack close to the hob makes cooking so much easier. The problem is how to integrate a rack like this into the contemporary, streamlined kitchen that many people want. The answer is a spice rack that lifts up to work surface height when you need it and then slides down out of sight at the touch of a button. There’s nothing to spoil the look of your tidy, streamlined kitchen.

ergoAGENT Base

With a counter on top, base units in kitchens often function as work benches. In this case, an ergoAGENT Base will adjust to the ideal working height for each different user – at the touch of a button.




Author: Hendrik Jürgens