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New solutions for odour- and grease-free kitchens

Whether you cook for fun or from necessity, as soon as you have something bubbling away on the hob, the air in the kitchen is going to get hot and steamy. And while you’re paging through your recipe book, chopping herbs or setting the table, the fumes from your cooking, fine droplets of water and fat are busy permeating your home. As long as they stay hanging in the air as a thick haze, all they do is blur your vision. But they’ll inevitably be deposited as a greasy film on your furniture, lampshades and appliances. That’s when they really cause trouble.

But is it really ‘inevitable’? Extraction hoods from berbel, a company located in Rheine, in northern Germany, eliminate the vapours from boiling, frying and roasting long before they can form that annoying film on your furniture. Cooks can choose from among wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted or built-in hoods, with or without recirculating air. What all models have in common is a perfect blend of streamlined aesthetics and outstanding functionality.

berbel engineers its hoods using a unique and revolutionary technology, which operates entirely without fat filters. The idea is that if you don’t have filters in the hood, then you won’t have problems with fat particles blocking up the filter pores. Blocked filters are one of the main causes of reduced extraction performance and high noise levels. Extraction hoods from berbel, by contrast, are virtually noiseless and are guaranteed to maintain their constant high performance over their long service lives. They use a patented technology which does without the multilayer filters which are standard in most conventional hoods. The innovative system developed by berbel removes fat particles very efficiently, airflow is optimised and the cleaned air is directed through and out of the system.

And where does the used kitchen air go? A berbel exhaust hood blows the cleaned air out of the building in an energy-efficient way. If you’ve chosen a recirculating solution, then once the fat particles have been trapped in the easy-care, stainless steel pans, the air is passed through a special active charcoal filter to remove the remaining unpleasant odours. The air that is returned to the room is fat-free and virtually odourless. Every part of a berbel system is designed for easy, efficient cleaning.

Source: berbel Ablufttechnik GmbH,

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