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Make optimal and flexible use of storage space

Every kitchen has space for a narrow floor unit that is just 20, 30 or 40 cm wide. Kesseböhmer, the specialist for innovative interior cupboard fittings has developed four pull-out units to fulfil very specific purposes. They help considerably to make kitchen tasks easier, since you can tidy food and cooking utensils away directly by the different work areas and make optimal and above all flexible use of the storage space available. Shelves with individually adjustable heights thus permit you to fit out a cupboard individually according to requirements at any time.


COMFORT II – Adding the spice of life
to life in the kitchen

The “COMFORT II” is an example of a floor unit which has been created to meet the wishes and needs of the customer purchasing a kitchen. It is a narrow pull-out front which is designed to fit under the work surface, for floor units from 20 to 40 cm wide. It can be fitted as required with up to three height-adjustable shelves. In addition, and without wasting space, you can also suspend a special spice shelf. Amateur chefs will thus always have their full range of spices arranged in a well organised manner and hence always easily to hand. A special fitting was specially developed to enable you to store bottles safely. The “COMFORT II” is therefore ideal for installation in the cooking and preparation area. The high-quality guide rail with used by Kesseböhmer ensures ease of operation and ultra-quiet smooth running with an automatic return and internal synchronisation.


cookingAGENT – the witty storage solution

“cookingAGENT” is another exceptionally witty storage solution which Kesseböhmer has developed together with housekeeping professionals. Occupying a floor space of only 25 by 46 cm this kitchen aid provides a surprisingly large and accessible amount of storage space. Container boxes, knife holders, shelves with rails and holders for bottles, chopping boards or trays are simply inserted from two sides. The modular structure permits individual positioning of the functional elements. This means that kitchen owners can assemble their own personal “cookingAGENT”.


The “little medicine chest”

“DISPENSA Junior II”, the “little medicine chest” for use in a floor unit, is a good example of a multifunctional and simultaneously space-saving cupboard fitting. Two shelves plus an optional hanging bag for bread slide gently and quietly completely out of the floor unit, which is 30 to 40 cm wide. The guide rail is mounted on the floor and is thus suitably for mounting at a later date. The “Junior” is, like the large medicine chest in the wall cupboard, accessible from two sides, and the height of the shelves can be adjusted without tools.


cleaningAGENT – the indispensable helper

The “cleaningAGENT” will turn out to be an indispensable helper when it is a matter of order and cleanliness in the household. You can store everything which is needed to clean and care for a modern household in the smallest space – tidily and easily accessible. A practical detail: the removable basket for cleaning materials can be carried to wherever it is needed and then quickly stowed back in the pull-out unit. Individually adjustable shelving divisions ensure that bottles and containers remain firmly in position while you are carrying the unit.


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