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Innovations for your kitchen from Kesseböhmer

What kitchen owner, regardless of age or lifestyle, is going to say, "I don't need a more user-friendly kitchen"?. But what makes a kitchen user-friendly and how should you plan yours to make it a real pleasure to be in? In recent years a lot has happened in the field of kitchen design and fittings. Above all it's the fittings behind the fronts that contribute to a user-friendly kitchen. This article briefly describes some of the latest developments that make kitchens easier to use, more pleasant to be in and simply more attractive.

Damping systems

Kitchens have become far quieter in recent times. Highly effective damping systems for cupboard doors, drawers and even tall larder units put the brakes on the last few centimetres of the opening or closing movements and then ensure closing or opening is controlled and quiet. The dampers work effectively even when a door or drawer is slammed shut. The most sophisticated Kesseböhmer system is SoftSTOPPpro; it's a double damper, effective for both the opening and closing movements. As such, it offers maximum user-friendliness. You really have to experience SoftSTOPPpro to appreciate it, so it's worth dropping in to your nearest kitchen showroom!

Electric opening

Electric opening for cupboards and drawers can also make a kitchen far easier to live and work in. It's very practical in wall units with lift-up fronts, and it's almost indispensible in on-trend kitchens where the smooth fronts are designed without handles! Kesseböhmer developed the eTouch system for electric opening. eTouch is reliable and easy-to-use technology; the lightest pressure on a front panel initiates the smooth opening action and the door or drawer opens automatically. If your hands are full, a light touch with a knee or elbow does the trick. And with very little effort eTouch can be retrofitted in already built-in cupboards (CONVOY, DISPENSA and FREElift).

Lift-up doors for wall units

Nowadays kitchen specialists tend to recommend some type of lift-up front, rather than hinged doors, for wall units. By contrast with hinged doors, lift-up fronts never put your head at risk. The front lifts up and can be stopped reliably at any angle thanks to Kesseböhmer's Multi-Position-STOPP. It's a real safety feature, especially for people who like to leave the cupboards open while they cook. Kesseböhmer's exclusive combined damping (in both closing and opening directions) is a great extra, offering a noticeable improvement in quiet and user convenience.

Variable working heights

Doctors and ergonomics specialists recommend working at the "right" height for your height and the job you're doing, both to alleviate and – still better – to prevent back problems. Dynamic stand-sit tables are the optimal solution here, because the work-surface height can be set between 66 and 110 cm (plus worktop) in seconds. And today, even free-standing kitchen islands can be moved up or down to suit the user and the use by means of an electric height adjustment system. Kesseböhmer supports this solution with its ergoAGENT base, a system with a huge lifting capacity of 1 000 kg (using two lift modules). The island, including the filled base units and worktop, can be raised or lowered from 92 to 112 cm at the touch of a button.

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