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WMF KÜCHENminis® – the new generation of great little kitchen appliances

After the brilliant launch of WMF's compact kitchen tools and appliances, the KÜCHENminis®, last year, WMF now presents five new compacts. They're the answer for healthy eating and gentle cooking to preserve vitamin content. And they support current nutrition trends, like eating less meat, or even no meat at all, with far more focus on salads, vegetables and everything fresh. The number of vegetarians, vegans or flexitarians (less meat, but always organic) is rocketing. People are giving preference to foods grown locally and in season, bought at farmers' markets and cooked as fresh as possible. The new WMF KÜCHENminis® make healthy eating far easier and they also make it fun! They're designed for modern small households, but they make no compromises on performance, design and convenience. The new generation of WMF KÜCHENminis® offers a Salad to-go, the Vitalis E steamer, a raclette maker for 2 with chocolate fondue, a hand-operated coffee mill and the espresso maker for 2 or 4 cups.

These new WMF kitchen appliances help you put contemporary ideas for healthy eating into action in your cooking regime. At the same time, they save space, which is always at a premium in the kitchen. They are also economical on resources and energy. WMF development engineers focussed on healthy eating, gentle cooking, downsizing and more efficiency. The five new KÜCHENminis® combine a compact design with high performance. Use them to help you enjoy cooking, healthy eating with a lot of vegetables and salads – and including coffee and espresso.

The number of one- and two-person households is increasing rapidly. In Germany, for example, they already make roughly 70% of all households. Consumers living in small households are as interested as anyone else in saving energy and space. This often means taking to heart the saying "Less is more" and choosing smaller, more energy-efficient appliances that take up less of the limited space in kitchen cupboards. At the same time, no-one wants to sacrifice easy operation and convenience. WKF KÜCHENminis® are the perfect answer for all these expectations.

Fast salads "to go"

If you want to take a fresh salad along with you to work or on a trip, then WMF's Salad to-go is perfect for you. At home it will chop everything from carrots to cabbage to cheese, and even hard things like nuts – in the to-go bowl. Which is naturally BPA-free. Then clip the lid on the bowl and there you have a delicious, fresh lunch ready to pop in your bag and take along. An absolutely unique feature is the dressing holder integrated in the lid of the to-go box. Your salad stays fresh and crisp, because you can put on the dressing just before you eat it! The KÜCHENminis® Salad to-go with its Cromargan® stainless steel housing has two speeds. The150 Watt motor is more than capable of chopping everything from fruit to nuts. There are five interchangeable Cromargan® blade inserts – a specialist for each chopping job. All components are dishwasher-safe and WMF supplies a neat box for safe storage of the five blade elements.

All together now!

The KÜCHENminis® Vitalis E steamer is a compact steamer made of Cromargan® stainless steel with a high-quality glass lid. Steaming is known to be a healthy way of cooking and now you can easily fit this compact steamer on your worktop. It's totally BPA-free and, of course, doesn't need a hob to cook your food. It's the smallest Cromargan® steamer with a footprint of just 14.4 x 28.4 cm. But at 900 Watt it is powerful enough to cook meat, fish and vegetables in two layers. Thanks to WMF's Easy Steaming with two separate cooking zones, each level can be separately regulated. This means you can prepare and fill everything into the Vitalis E, but one section will start cooking ahead of the other, depending on the settings you choose. Your whole meal will be ready at the same time – with every ingredient cooked to perfection. The separate sections mean that flavours do not mix until the food is on your plate. If necessary, the Vitalis E will keep your meal warm for up to 40 minutes. Input is designed to be intuitively clear, easy to read on the LC display and you can store the settings for next time thanks to the memory function. Dividers to separate different vegetables and rice (made of Cromargan®) make cooking easier. You can fill the KÜCHENminis® Vitalis E from outside and also check the water level.

Raclette plus something sweet

Raclette is a tasty and sociable way to cook your food at the table. But you don't have to make raclette for a big group. With the WMF KÜCHENminis® Raclette for 2,  you could enjoy a romantic raclette for two cooked on the cast aluminium grill plate. And then you can use the bowl that comes as part of the set to prepare and enjoy a delicious chocolate fondue. The housing of the 370 Watt Raclette for 2 is made of easy-care Cromargan®. The set includes 2 non-stick raclette pans, a spatula and stands on which to put the hot pans. Alternatively you can cook bigger portions like fried eggs, toast Hawaii, asparagus, leek or carrots in the maxi-pan, which uses the whole space under the grill. The fondue set consists of an attractive ceramic bowl and two Cromargan® forks. All the small components can be cleaned in your dishwasher.

Grind your coffee just how you like it

Coffee is everyone's favourite hot beverage and coffee drinkers are becoming more and more discerning. They expect a great flavour and an exquisite aroma. Flavour begins with the beans – you can choose fairtrade beans from the world's prime coffee-growing areas. Then the beans need to be roasted to perfection and ground to exactly the right grade – extremely fine for a supreme espresso or coarser for aromatic filter coffee. The new electric WMF KÜCHENminis® coffee grinder made of Cromargan® with a ball grinder grinds you enough coffee for 1-4 cups. You can set the fineness of the grind in nine steps and change it every time you change your coffee brewing method – for example for a WMF KÜCHENminis® espresso maker or for a WMF KÜCHENminis® AromaOne 1-cup filter coffee machine. Grinding is slow and thus extremely gentle. The flavour is preserved and you get a perfect cup of coffee. The ground coffee is either collected in the special container or ground directly into the coffee filter. It can also be portioned out and the grinder can be operated with just one hand.

It couldn't be simpler!

There's a strong revival of old-fashioned methods of making coffee and espresso – just like granny did. So those old-fashioned espresso makers with the water container and the jug that screws on top are also making a comeback – if they've ever been out of fashion. And WMF has a delightful little electric espresso maker on offer. The water boils in the water container. the steam is forced upwards through the ground coffee in the Cromargan® sieve and your finished espresso collects in the top section. The WMF KÜCHENminis® collection now includes this electric 4-cup espresso maker. It's made of Cromargan® steel for easy cleaning and a long life. 400 Watt mean that 2 or 4 cups of espresso are ready in the shortest possible time. The WMF KÜCHENminis® espresso maker doesn't need a hob, it simply plugs into a socket and there's an illuminated on/off switch. Simplicity in Perfection was the motto for the WMF developers – they worked to perfect the basic functions and the design with its lid-lock system that ensures perfect spill-free pouring.

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