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iMove from Kesseböhmer

Storage space is in short supply in many kitchens. Installing wall units above the worktop is one way of maximizing the usability of the available storage space. The drawback is that items stored on the upper shelves of wall units are often out of reach. Kesseböhmer’s solution is the “iMove”, an innovative shelf fitting that swings downwards and out so that the contents of the upper shelves are instantly accessible. It’s functional, practical and good-looking. Already with an iF product design award 2015 to its credit, the iMove is yet another example of an innovative solution which combines outstanding functionality with superb design.

Storage space that meets you halfway

The single or double shelf fitting glides down and completely out of the unit with a smooth, effortless movement, bringing the contents of the upper shelf or shelves within easy reach. The wall unit’s bottom shelf does not move, making it the place to store heavier items. iMove makes sure that everything stored in a wall unit is 100% accessible all the time.

Easy, effortless and fluid

The upward movement is spring-supported, the outward movement is damped. Both movements are extremely smooth, easy and fluid. You pull gently on the hand-friendly handle, attached to the railing, to initiate the downward or upward movement. One special feature – the railing that stops stored items falling out, drops down automatically as the fitting moves downwards and out. As a result, there’s no obstacle to quick and easy access.

Safe and stable

The fully-extended iMove can be locked into its end position – all the contents are safely and easily accessible and you have both hands free to load and unload the unit. The single shelf fitting is available for wall units 500, 600, 800 and 900 cm wide, while the double shelf is supplied for 500 and 600 mm wall units.

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Author: Charlotte Farber-Hemeling

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