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The fabulous KitchenAid Artisan Magnetic Drive Blender

With the market launch of the Artisan Magnetic Drive Blender, KitchenAid the highly successful home appliance company, has again delivered a product that combines unsurpassed performance, innovative engineering, brilliant design and absolute ease of use. Thanks to the unique Magnetic Drive technology and the exclusive Diamond Blending System, this premium product gives you blending like you’ve never seen it before. This machine will create anything from soups to smoothies at the touch of a button – completely without a pusher or any other method of fixing the contents.

Fruity smoothies, healthy soups, creamy shakes – they’re all ready at one touch of the button. You can follow a recipe or produce your own creation innovating as you work. The Artisan Magnetic Drive Blender lets you process any ingredient from avocados and herbs to ginger and ice cubes with unsurpassed ease. You have a choice of four preprogrammed recipe settings. Operating with a special mixing algorithm, the high-performance blender doesn’t need you to stand by with a pusher while it produces the perfect blended result. In addition you can override the program with a variable speed control and a pulse function to get exactly the consistency you want.

The magnet delivers the power

The brilliant engineering of the Magnetic Drive system lifts this appliance into a whole new dimension in the blender sector. It uses the power of a magnetic field to deliver high-performance, hands-free blending. This technology powers the sharp stainless steel blades and at the same time it holds the blender jar firmly in place in the appliance. It works like this: a magnetic coupling connects the blender jar to the drive shaft under the base plate. For maximum ease of use, you simply push the jar into place from the side – it slides effortlessly in. The magnetic lock makes sure that it automatically finds the exact position and stays there locked securely in place. You can walk away and multitask while it blends. To remove the jar, you simply operate the release lever on the side of the appliance.

The super-size top cap with its own measuring scale lets you easily measure and feed ingredients, for example oil for your mayonnaise, into the jar while you blend, with absolutely no risk of splattering and splashing You're free to adjust texture or improvise a recipe on the fly. Thanks to the new compact design, the Magnetic Drive Blender fits on the counter under any wall unit in your kitchen, so it’s always to hand for fast work on the cooking front. The ingenious Interlock System locks the jar in place, so that you don’t have to hold it while it powers away. You’ll love this improvement on conventional blenders!


The consumer prize “Kitchen Innovation of the Year” was awarded for the ninth time by the independent LifeCare initiative. The Magnetic Drive Blender from KitchenAid was among the products judged outstanding in the category “Small Electric Appliances”. The blender impressed the jury panel and consumers in the different criteria: functionality, innovation and design. In the first stage of the selection process, a panel of independent experts spanning several fields of specialization sorted out which products in each category would be nominated for the final judging stage. In this final stage, consumer opinion is the deciding factor as revealed by an opinion poll carried out by the plays prestigious K & A BrandResearch market research institute.

The fabulous high-performance blender made in the USA is available from April 2015 in a choice of colours – Crème, Candy Apple Red, Frosted Pearl and Onyx Black.

More fabulous products and information at www.KitchenAid.com.


Source: Blume PR