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The fittings inside the kitchen units have a lot to say about whether you’re going to enjoy cooking or not. If you have fast, direct and easy access to all the contents of all the kitchen units, then kitchen work becomes smooth, efficient and far more enjoyable. This is ultra-important for corner units, which offer a lot of space but often very difficult to access. One brilliant solution to this problem is the LeMans swing-out corner unit fitting  from Kesseböhmer. A light touch swings the LeMans trays out of the corner individually, until they come to a stop with the contents right out in front of the unit. You can check the whole contents at a glance and easily reach any item you want.

You’ll certainly enjoy the aesthetic qualities of the LeMans fitting and the elegant movement sequence. The fluid sequence of movements is precisely defined and controlled by the fitting technology. It combines two types of movement – turning and swinging. The trays glide right out of the unit and back again in a series of supremely light and easy movements. The shape of the trays has been optimised to blend light and easy movements with a maximum of storage area. The flowing, asymmetrical curves make people think of the well-known race track in France – hence the name. LeMans is available in specialist kitchen studios.


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