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An ongoing success story

The LeMans corner unit fitting is an innovative and highly successful solution, which has already won every relevant industrial award. Now Kesseböhmer is presenting a successor, LeMans II, which again brings life into wasted corners. The fitting makes optimal use of storage space, with the added bonuses of ultra-easy action and very simple assembly.


LeMans II is a swing-out fitting for corner units that has been developed to optimise the way you use otherwise wasted space in the corners. It’s the ideal solution when space is tight or the layout of a kitchen doesn’t allow much space for highboard units. What makes LeMans II so special is undoubtedly the fact that it’s engineered for a clear overview of all the contents of the unit. The trays swing out right in front of the unit, so that every stored item is within ultra-easy reach.


ClickFixx snap-together elements ensure that assembling a LeMans II is dead simple. The wasted time and effort of turning in screws is now history. The trays can be raised or lowered as required – without tools. So it’s easy to adapt tray height to changing contents. Each tray can be loaded with up to 25 kg and can be swung out completely with the unit door open only 85 °. These details make LeMans II a real pleasure to use. They also make kitchen planning simpler.


With LeMans II, Kesseböhmer, the fittings specialist from Bad Essen, Germany, has once again shown its strong capability to innovate and confirmed its market leadership in modern corner unit fittings.


More about LeMans II here. You Tube clip here.


Author: Hendrik Jürgens
Source: Kesseböhmer