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Wood must be the world's oldest renewable raw material. It's also always been a source of energy
What kitchen owner, regardless of age or lifestyle, is going to say, "I don't need a more
The history of cooking parallels the development of the human race. Our ancestors soon found out
A lot of modern kitchens lack a central unit to store groceries, to parallel the fridge for fresh
Well-planned kitchens today almost always include wall units with lift-up fronts, rather than

The best present you can give yourself and others is time to breathe. Walk into a beautiful home and enjoy every second to the full. Will you join us on a journey of discovery?

The kitchen as mission statement

Some people like clean lines and no frills, others love playful design touches, whilst still others prefer a strong, solid look.

If you want to feel comfortable, it would be fatal to slavishly stick to trends that were not really “you” when designing and furnishing your home: after all, the primary aim of interior design is to create a pleasant atmosphere where the feeling of being protected from the outside world can flourish. The kitchen, the heart of the home, is an area where you can really make your mark. Every kitchen, be it an enclosed room on a small or large scale, or an open-plan kitchen with direct access to the living area, can become a feel-good room with just a little clever planning.


Functionality and comfort combined

“Faster, better, more efficient” – modern household appliances have no problem in meeting these requirements. This is a field where so much has been achieved:

Hobs now work fast as lightning, extractor hoods and fridges make barely a sound, ovens cook automatically on request. Requiring only basic maintenance, today’s appliances offer a level of user-friendliness that means you can simply relax. The more emotion you put into designing your kitchen, the easier it is for stress and the hectic pace of life to melt away into the background.

Those annoying interlopers just disappear as you prepare a meal for yourself, your family and your welcome guests: cooking with fresh ingredients is an experience to be enjoyed by all the senses, one on which you concentrate without having to think about it. And that’s the type of breathing space that lets you become one with yourself, to let go of anger and worries and to enjoy the moment.


Emotional space

Contours discreetly defined in the colour pistachio: “Alnochic” high-gloss laminate front panels. The front panels are available in several colours, including pistachio and yellow – why not try them out on the wall units?

Unmistakeable charm: The striking grain of beech heartwood combined with coated glass makes a real impression here in the “Lugano Kernbuche” kitchen.

Artists love a blank white canvas. The idea starts off only in the artist’s head, but little by little it takes shape on the canvas. Writers are familiar with this particular type of magic too – that wonderful feeling when the spark of an idea is put down in black and white until slowly, page by page, the work is complete.


There is no sticking rigidly to a fixed plan; rather, everything is fluid, ready to take the painting or text in a new direction, to incorporate new ideas on an impulse. In the world of interior design too, the colour white opens up this freedom to play around with ideas in a way that is creative and totally personal: this “non-colour” forms the basis for the entire repertoire of different ambiences and moods you as an individual can create. And it gives the artists, i.e. you, your family and friends, the emotional freedom to paint new pictures and tell new stories every single day: unlike a bright colour, white is unobtrusive, it doesn’t impose itself on your feelings – it lets you be who you want to be in so many different ways.