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Brilliantly clean glasses and dishes in just 17 minutes

Gütersloh, March 7, 2012. – Miele’s new ProfiLine dishwasher was one of the superstars of the last IFA; it’s on sale from April 1. Capable of washing a full load in just 17 minutes, it’s the fastest fully integrated dishwasher in the world. The streamlined design and outstanding features make it ideal for design-conscious private households likely to make heavy use of a dishwasher, but also for upmarket offices, for professional bureaux and for stores and shops.

Market data show that more and more households are choosing fully-integrated dishwashers, largely because they fit perfectly into the increasingly popular open-plan kitchens. And the very fast program cycles are ideal for large households and for people who do a lot of entertaining. Miele’s answer is the unique ProfiLine dishwasher range. Based on the G 5000 model range launched in 2010, they set new standards for ease-of-use and have already won numerous design awards, including the prestigious red dot design award.

Using hot water and connected to a three phase power supply, the ProfiLine washes a full load in just 17 minutes (energy efficiency class A+). Even connected to normal operating voltage (230 V), the shortest program cycle takes only 27 minutes. Thanks to their “professional” engineering, ProfiLine appliances are extremely rugged. And the 49 decibel operating noise level is ideal for open-plan kitchens.

Miele offers three ProfiLine dishwasher models: the full-integrated model PG 8083 SCVi XXL and the semi-integrated models PG 8081 i and PG 8082 SCi XXL. The inner cabinet on the “XXL” models is four centimetres higher, allowing more space for stacking dishes in the top basket. The most spectacular feature of the SC variants is the patented 3D cutlery drawer, where height, width and depth can all be adjusted. The middle section, for example, can drop down to accommodate oversize items, like soup ladles. A lateral adjustment leaves more space underneath for long-stemmed red wine or champagne glasses. The plateware baskets can also be adjusted to make space for large plates, tall glasses or small and oversize cups.

Other exclusive luxury features include a salt container in the door, the interior lighting “BrilliantLight“ with four powerful LEDs, and “AutoOpen” drying which improves and speeds up drying, because the door is automatically opened slightly and left ajar at the end of each programme.

Last but not least, Miele household dishwashers stand not only for speed, comfort and elegance, but also for the highest standards of hygiene. This is achieved by a combination of three full-strength spray arms, cabinet interiors made of highest quality stainless steel, using only fresh water and all guided by 50 years experience in cleaning and disinfecting medical instruments.